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  1. 1st : its a 7year old submission. 2th : read the info : Ageia PhysX card added with vha, het in some subscores higher fps.
  2. ooww, ok, it's then the Hwbot Prime for android that doesn't recognize it, possible to add it there?
  3. http://www.asus.com/Tablets_Mobile/PadFone_mini_PF400CG/specifications/ this is the padfone mini PF400 i am talking about, with an intel atom in it. there's also another model padfone mini A11.
  4. Please add the Asus Padfone mini TF400 with an intel atom cpu etc... hwbot prime is not ok because phone not known
  5. Please add Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 Quad-core CPU (1.7GHz) CPU for mobile 3Dmark ice storm on android http://www.asus.com/Tablets_Mobile/PadFone_Infinity/ from a Asus padfone infinity. Also the GPU Andreno 320 please add
  6. ya man, come on, share some more hardware, the way to go ! More points
  7. CpyZ speed is not inline with submitted submission, CpuZ validation is rejected because of bugged validation file. submit correctly
  8. Go Lucido, go, don't stop untill you reached the 2Ghz barrier, this is the way how it needs to be done. Evga !
  9. forget to use D3Doverider, inspector tweaks and run order of subtests ? Gets you more points
  10. http://www.overclockaholics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=691 Need to use LOD and subtest order 1 by 1
  11. and nvidia is back on this generation nr1, like always. Very nice result there vince
  12. did i say that? don't turn my words around. i'm talking about the same cooling method, ln² vs ln² stock vrm and ut vrm offcourse with you're faster cpu it will be no problem. EDIT : this is getting anti chiller here, get a life, stop trolling, this is about a nice toy. i don't react anymore, it says enough what way this is heading from madshrimps team.
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