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  1. Has anyone tested this mod with an ASUS M8i with either the 8700K or 9900K?
  2. Do you have a forwarding service or do you need it to be shipped to Hungary?
  3. How much is this board going for now a days?
  4. Interested in (005) look at my thread to see if you are interested in anything.
  5. X99 SOC Force X99 SOC Champion Pre-Production Asus Rampage Extreme Asus Rampage Formula Q9550 Q9300 x10 E6300 P4 631 E5200 E8600 R9 290X Lightning GTX 580 Hydrocopper2 Z170X-UD5
  6. Leaving XOC and selling lots of hardware. Timestamps:Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet 1+2 X99 SOC Force and X99 SOC Champion- Never really got to use these boards as I don't have a 2011-3 CPU. $175 and $200 shipped 3 Rampage Extreme-PENDING Payment to filmbot 4 Rampage Formula Mega Combo Inculdes Q9550,Q9300,x10 E6300,E5200,P4 631,E8600, One ore P4 at 2.00Ghz-$175 shipped 5 Hydrocopper2 GTX 580- Better of the two 580s I had in SLI. Does 1010/2605 on air-$100 shipped
  7. Yes but AMD has never been an option for those who wanted the best and were willing to pay for it. Remember the i7 980X and 990X?
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