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  1. Has anyone tested this mod with an ASUS M8i with either the 8700K or 9900K?
  2. arnavvr

    [wtb-EU] X99-SOC Champion.

    Do you have a forwarding service or do you need it to be shipped to Hungary?
  3. How much is this board going for now a days?
  4. arnavvr

    FS: USA i7-4930k

  5. arnavvr

    [FS] Will sell stuff when bored.

    Interested in (005) look at my thread to see if you are interested in anything.
  6. edited first post and bump
  7. arnavvr

    [FS] good G3258,Impact VIII insulated

    Offers on M8i?
  8. X99 SOC Force X99 SOC Champion Pre-Production Asus Rampage Extreme Asus Rampage Formula Q9550 Q9300 x10 E6300 P4 631 E5200 E8600 R9 290X Lightning GTX 580 Hydrocopper2 Z170X-UD5
  9. Leaving XOC and selling lots of hardware. Timestamps:Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet 1+2 X99 SOC Force and X99 SOC Champion- Never really got to use these boards as I don't have a 2011-3 CPU. $175 and $200 shipped 3 Rampage Extreme-PENDING Payment to filmbot 4 Rampage Formula Mega Combo Inculdes Q9550,Q9300,x10 E6300,E5200,P4 631,E8600, One ore P4 at 2.00Ghz-$175 shipped 5 Hydrocopper2 GTX 580- Better of the two 580s I had in SLI. Does 1010/2605 on air-$100 shipped
  10. Move to sold. Thanks for the space HWBot.
  11. Yes but AMD has never been an option for those who wanted the best and were willing to pay for it. Remember the i7 980X and 990X?
  12. arnavvr

    USPS Strikes Again...

    Gigabyte X58A-OC