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  1. Kal-EL

    XS Hacked

    Hope they getter dun.
  2. Kal-EL


    Andrea was a large contributor to the overclocking community for a very long time without any problems. Andrea did several kind things for people over the years. Some people have very good memories of dealings with Andrea. I do. It is sad that the situation got bad and lingered for such a long time. I'd be upset too if I didn't receive what I paid for or a refund.
  3. Need to negotiate the prices down or hop on a corporate account or something. Figure something out. Maybe your chuck setup would be more efficient. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfm_iJ8J-Tc
  4. Cruise mode overclocking behind the keyboard. A must have tool for any private laboratory. When's the LHe OCC coming out?
  5. Uh, limited understanding here but, is the process of determining redundantly rendered frames something that can only be done via another "seperate" gpu/processor(igpu)? Can the process be handled by the cpu? Can the process be handled by the same GPU already doing the rendering? Good read, been a while. I'm wondering if I'm getting this right... Lucid Virtu MVP= Serves the user with the requested image quality rendered really fast in low power environment via better efficiency. Awesome Sauce. Driver Manufacturer = wears dunce hat? Hi guys/gals!
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