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  1. If it scale well with more voltage and cold then yeah. Unfortunately, LN2 is a bit expensive here so it's up to someone else try it...
  2. Thank you @hidde663. I will re bench this card on water soon... Let's hope for improvements!
  3. Do you ship to Brazil? I'm interested on those CMX512-3200C2PRO.
  4. Yeah, I must admit that I almost didn't believe when i saw this thing working just fine with such ram clock... C7H is a hardware masterpiece!
  5. Sure, here is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9UZbOka6Po Sorry for my bad cam and for this video, I ran the benchmark @ 4400MHz 1.425V because of higher ambient temperature today (~27ºC, was around 20ºC when I firstly tested these chips), here is the 4425 run: http://www.hwbot.org/submission/3872240_
  6. R5 2600X - 1802SUS 0255 - WC (Custom Loop) Cinebench R15 @ 4225 1.35V / 4300 1.425V R5 2600X - 1802SUS 0273 - WC (Custom Loop) Cinebench R15 @ 4325 1.35V / 4425 1.425V Next month I will try this 0273 chip under LN2, at least on water it seems to be a killer chip! 😀
  7. R5 1600X - 1713SUS - WC (Custom Loop) Cinebench R15 @ 4125MHz 1.52V and 5.05GHz 1.72V @ -150ºC using a ASUS Prime B350-Plus for this same benchmark. R5 2400G - 1750SUT - WC (Custom Loop) Cinebench R15 @ 3975MHz 1.52V and 1600~1625MHz 1.25V for GPU (3dmarks). This chip seems to be a dud... R3 2200G - 1749SUT - WC (Custom Loop) Cinebench R15 @ 4150MHz 1.55V and 1700~1725MHz 1.25V for GPU (3dmarks). R5 2600X - 1802SUS 0255 - WC (Custom Loop) Cinebench R15 @ 4225 1.35V / 4300 1.425V R5 2600X - 1802SUS 0273 - WC (Custom Loop) Cinebench R15 @ 4325 1.35V / 4425 1.425V and 5625MHz under LN2, very strong IMC, it did 4000 CL12 for Cinebench R15.
  8. Thanks Flank3r. Already managed to improve this score a bit just pushing the rams to 3533MHz and IGPU to 1600MHz. :) http://www.hwbot.org/submission/3795469_noms_3dmark11___performance_radeon_rx_vega_11_7151_marks
  9. Opa, beleza cara? Primeiramente bem-vindo ao time! Sobre o seu resultado, o screenshot está fora dos padrões das regras do HWBOT, ele precisa ser conforme esse exemplo e deve ser uma imagem única: https://hwbotstatic.s3.amazonaws.com/img/examples/wPrime%20-%2032M.png Valeu!
  10. Começou forte mas está faltando o wallpaper oficial da competição, conforme está nas regras. https://hwbotnews.s3.amazonaws.com/Competitions/1970_Team_Brazil_GPUPI_Challenge/tb1.png
  11. 3DM01 would not be a better choice than 3DM03? I'm asking this because 3DM03 does not run on older Matrox cards like G450 (DX6.0) and it would basically limit the competition to Parhelia/Millenium only.
  12. A small update: He submitted a lot of results today and until now, no issues. Thank you guys!
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