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  1. Why is nickname abc order is higher priority then the upload dates? If someone got the same points _later_ than me, not more... it isn't better just the same. But now in my case, I got overtaken with the same overall points as mine. Same goes to 11th and 12th btw. Why?
  2. Im not sure. "Hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 (17h gen1) processor only. Any Single AMD GPU." Any Single AMD GPU _not_ Any Single GPU
  3. It has two version. GF117 and GK208. Please separate. (f.e. gt 730m)
  4. Dear HWbot! A tryed submitting a superpi result with i5 3337U and it wrote i have a rule problem because my cpu isn't in the list...so why? And why is the 3439Y allowed?! It has less TDP and a laptop CPU too. Please enable U series or just the 3337U... Thanks: Simi37
  5. I can't download the background...i clicked download and this is the link "http://oc-esports.io/___" ... please fix it.
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