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  1. Is it ok to use Safe Mode? With Safe Mode i have no crash. https://hwbot.org/submission/4329673
  2. GPUPI 3.2 always crashes when i want to safe the File. GPUPI 3.2 Legacy don't even start because VCRUNTIME140.dll missing... and i already have installed Visual C++ Redistributable Visual Studio 2015. 👍
  3. Trying to get Benchmate work for Pifast but i can't start any App. fresh install of Win7.64 SP1 + Updatepack 11/19 on Asus Rampage Extreme, Chipset Driver installed. What i am missing?
  4. Oh shit, didn't read it. Benchmate works with WinXP? edit: Requirements: Windows 7 or later High Precision Event Timer (HPET) enabled in BIOS ACPI PM Timer available and exposed through ACPI tables Windows Management Instrumentation service (WMI) enabled Kernel Debuggging disabled So no WinXP for pifast..
  5. Strong and really hot. Pushes my SS Evap Temp down to -33°c with pi32m.. thats not usual here for a C2D.
  6. OC is my Hobby since '99 when a Friend helped me out to build my first Custom PC with a overclocking Board (Abit BX6 Rev2.0). 20 Years now..i am so old...
  7. Average PSC.. they do at least 2600 8-12-8.
  8. That is not cheap for the 2133C9 and i think there are different PSCs on this Kits. I would not pay more than 20 Euros or 25$ for a Kit like this. For example i have bought 4 Sticks 2000C8 Dominator GT for like 30 Euros.
  9. I have already asked few weeks ago for results from the PSC but he dont have any results.
  10. ..until you reach the point and think "damn, i have to compete with all that Chiller/Singlestage/Cascade/Dice/LN2 Users". At this point most quit i guess.
  11. Good run and thanks for sharing your Settings. Today i started testing with a REX first time..
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