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  1. I've hit the recalc Button last night and today many times but nothing change.
  2. Boot Windows 10, put in your Win7 DVD or USB Stick, open Win7 Folder, click setup.exe -> install Win7
  3. You could also start in Win10 the Win7 seup.exe to start installation. Works for me.
  4. Ok sounds good. I've googled for a X4 B55 but found only a X2 B55.
  5. I've got a problem. I've unlocked a Phenom II X2 555 BE for another Core (3 Core), and CPU-Z shows a wrong CPU Name: https://hwbot.org/submission/4218305_ Any idea how to fix this?
  6. No, sorry. Never tested higher CPU than 8350K. Someone did here: ..but for the VRM it is maybe too much for higher Clocks or Vcore.
  7. I don't know, maybe IMC don't like higher Mem Clock. I will give them another try when i receive the (hopefully working) M4A79 Deluxe.
  8. I switched the Board because that Asus Board is crap. Max Vcore 1.50v and Mem OC is bad. The MSI is a little bit better with Vcore and Mem.
  9. BetrayedPredator: reported by user due to possible cheat (Haswell Refresh and not a Pentium haswell chip) Who using this as second Account? 😂 At the Benchmate Comp he reports me cause is was using Coffee Lake DDR4 and not a pre Skylake DDR4 Sys........
  10. I had the same issue with the VGA Driver from ASRock... old Version (10.xxxx). Updating to new Driver and all was fine. Installed Asus Board Driver after Win install?
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