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  1. V1.8 Godlike gaming When Haswell-E CPU Ratio over 37 and then system may become instable. * 37 cpu or Ring? Running my cpu at 46 auto volts for everything and it's solid. *What about 3200 memory not working.
  2. The Haswell-E memory controller isn't as good as Broadwell-E so i would just stick to 2666c14 on Haswell-E. If you had a BW-E then better memory would give a boost. Best to do some cache OC for Haswell but these latest bios updates are flaky. The old 1.3 bios i was doing 4.5 cpu 4.0 ring 3200 mem on auto settings.
  3. 125Mhz BClk will pump the volts up. Revert to 100mhz BClk by setting ram to 2666 from DRAM Setting. Disable XMP. Set ring ratio to auto. Set CPU ratio to 40 to start with. Set everything to auto on that OC page.
  4. Enhanced memory controller was explained on this thread further back. Can't recall exactly, something to do with if the CPU memory controller is under par, that option may help stability.
  5. there is still cache issues with 1.70 godlike. passes memtest with higher than default cache speed but windows will black screen while loading.
  6. thats 125mhz QPi and 3000Mhz memory settings. Stay at 2666mhz and they will drop to 1.200 VCCSA, and 1.050 VCCIO on the 100mhz QPi. Ive tried 3200 ram and 4ghz cache and all that, it just makes the volts higher.
  7. Im using 8x4GB sticks at 2666Mhz C14-14-14-36 stable, BUT if i go to 3000 or 3200 its no go with the failed settings message. 2666 C14 is hell fast anyway. With default cache hits 62GB/s read in aida64. Also don't use XMP, just select memory speed only. You can have enhanced memory controller enabled and auto volts. I use AUTO for everything and ENABLED for several settings, not a single manual volt and it does fine. 4.6Ghz 5960X + 8x4GB mem 2666mhz and no tomfoolery. Had a good test updating to W10 1607 and it went fine with 331 apps installed as well. prefer fire and forget settings.
  8. Tried that, it's like nothing displays at all, just blank screen. Maybe the non official ROM done something to it. Rapid storage (V15) works in Windows because if i change it to AHCI, rapid storage in windows fails to load.
  9. Still no Intel Option ROM. And no way to create an array in Rapid Storage console in windows, the create button is missing. Weird...
  10. OK, 1.72 bios installed. Ring OC is there but board wont boot with 4000 ring + it will not do 3000Mhz XMP (125 FSB). All settings AUTO as well, even just changing XMP only to profile 1, board crash boots needing a cmos reset. Also, Intel RAID bios not showing, RAID enabled in integrated peripherals. Pressing CTRL-I results in nothing, all through the post boot. I think this board is bunnyed, it somehow killed my 5960X too, a J batch purchased in July 2015. It was replaced with a L batch. It's still under warranty, so might get the board replaced. The MSI forum are ignorant. *going to switch bios and see if intel option rom diplays.
  11. On 1.60 bios the CTRL+I notification doesn't display even when RAID is selected in drive config in bios. I will try that 1.72 you suggested.
  12. ummm should we just move house to the msi forums that result in no answer?
  13. Bumping for request, adding a new SSD to existing array and need Intel RAID setup bios enabled. Also having BSOD's with mem at 3200 AUTO (auto timings) whereas the 1.3 bios didn't have such behaviour.
  14. So do we get a V1.70 for the OG Godlike with Intel RAID setup screen fix and Ring OC1+2 ?
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