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  1. I couldn't find any way to get result added to 3dmark account,
  2. Hi, I cannot make a submission without entering URL. But URL is not available from Android phone. Please adjust.
  3. Thank you for the previous. Please add Xiaomi Redmi 9a https://valid.x86.fr/a/k09e3z
  4. Please add Xiaomi Redmi 9 https://valid.x86.fr/a/337jxs
  5. Can the score for motherboard reference clock(it is in my top20) still be taken into my worldwide and national rankings and it is shown on the total points though
  6. The points from reference clock are not getting included in total points ,in worldwide or in national points for some reason, this needs to fixed. I even deleted all of such results as they bring mys scores down.
  7. can my achievements be recalculated as I don't get what I earned already
  8. Tere see on stock frequency, sest mul on 533,3 ddr3 mälu. Ja prose oli juba 591 tehasest
  9. Yes I did, http://hwbot.org/submission/2192549_drumnbaser_reference_clock_ga_ma78gm_s2h_295.01_mhz
  10. I guess I found an answer. My motherboard reference clock with 1.5 points is not taken into account for some reason. Does it have to be like this?
  11. Hi, Maybe i don't get something but when I see my overall Hardware scores http://hwbot.org/user/drumnbaser/#Hardware_Library I see 31.6 scores. When I go into my country scores there http://hwbot.org/league/enthusiast?offset=2&countryCode=EE it shows 30.10 same in Enthusiast league http://hwbot.org/league/enthusiast?offset=788. Why is it like that? Some 1.5 points are not calculated. If I check under hardware masters then I see there all the points from all submissions http://hwbot.org/league/hardware_masters/?offset=2329. Can something be done about it, maybe some result was not properly submitted I can do it again if I would know which one is not calculated
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