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  1. Offer: RTX 3080TI =>1600 euros + shipping
  2. The prices for any gpu's is now because since it is profitable to mine very high. When you order in Germany you can send me this to my Germany address. Here you see that the price was by around 1280 CHF. So i thing 1280 Euro exkl. shiping cost is fair. Sorry for little bit late, but i had a long speek and then i can't earlier answer you.
  3. Really i like this card for try to break records by 3Dmark Fire Strike Extreme. But 1950 Euro and 90 Euro for EU is to mutch. Sorry.
  4. where do you send it from? Would be interested.
  5. sale you with the waterblock and backblade?
  6. Hi can you sent me some benchmark Results under Water like FPS to witch Boost Clock? Only like Water Cooled.
  7. Sporrdig

    Mainboard RMA

    Dear HWBOT Members Have anyone contacts to Asus RMA open for Mainboards. I need a guy there take me Mainboard, where have Warranty, but i haven't the invoice. Asus doesn't takes direct a Mainboard RMA from customer. King Regards Sporrdig
  8. Please sent me a private Message. I have interessting on the Dimm.2 Fan Holder
  9. I like to take the EK-SF3D inflection point evo with lga 2011 and 115x mount/probe/heater
  10. Here The like for the BIOS Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y47124de6surtuz/MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-0023-USBOC.zip
  11. Hi HWBOT Community I looking for the Motherboard: ASUS ZENITH X399 Please let a post here or sent me a Privat Message. King Regards Sporrdig
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