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  1. I see no rules detailing the number of GPUs we are permitted to use. Is CrossFireX permitted?
  2. Just figure out the threading on the retention mechanism holes for the stock cooling and use those holes to mount pots to LGA2011. Will have to take a look at it in the future but I'm sure there's a way we can mount pots to that thing.
  3. Retired all my X58 boards and CPUs to crunching/bitcoin operations. My LGA1156 boards are only a few months from being there too. I don't care if Bulldozer performance positively blows, I just want a different experience.
  4. Shame to see that startup limit still in place. Hopefully the new rules will yield a revival of PCM05. Now.. PCM 7? We need moar system benches.
  5. Except for those with 180L dewars dumping into their pots
  6. I'm all for opening this benchmark up. It is a given that pro will hack the shit out of windows to maximize the scores but isn't that the goal of benchmarking? Most performance possible regardless? If that isn't then we might want to reconsider our unhealthy LN2 consumption habits. I think you are mistaken. Encoder tweaks(which powertoy just makes easy) is like training at 10,000 feet for a marathon at sea level.
  7. I'd like to see all the caps removed from the benchmark. I have mixed feelings on the HDD tests being run in RAID card cache but they are at least partially limited by the PCIe bus and all the latencies involved with that. All the tweaks I've found/learned from others/heard about are software tweaks that provide greater performance to the subtest. AFAIK nobody is outright circumventing a test. They're just providing more efficient or faster ways to perform something. Also, why haven't we brought PCM7 into the fold yet? It is a fun benchmark and we need more system benchmarks that don't completely depend on a cherry CPU/GPU.
  8. Good luck guys. Look forward to seeing how the chips fall. *grumble* Had to calculate your GPU clocks. Looks like you found some nice tweaks with a GPU at 1350/1200. Next time just don't show the GPU-Z tab
  9. Then I'd say you should recognize the uselessness of complaining about the Expander. It sucks that it is effectively a limited production part but if something as game changing as ES CPUs isn't handled then why would the Expander be addressed? There's an 800 lb gorilla relaxing in the corner while the spider monkey is having poo flung at it
  10. You guys are making your teams look bad. Last I checked our hobby is not MMA. Stay classy guys. I feel like of all the issues that we could be getting up in arms about the ASUS ROG Expander is the least of our problems. So what, someone can use their RIIIE in quad-SLI with the introduction of a pair of NF-200 switches and another PCB. Compared to the other quad-SLI options on the market there is no performance difference. However, how about the fucking monster 990X ES chips being used? 1-2% performance difference due to BIOS has got nothing on a 10% frequency difference on the processor. Just a thought.. perhaps we're all rabble rabble rabbling about the wrong issue?
  11. Sandybridge flexing a little muscle. Oh, nice GPU also You know how they say it isn't the size that counts? I think they are incorrect.
  12. Smoking clocks. Fanastic that you are BIOS limited on overclocking. In Atlanta we'll pay you $0.10 USD per liter AND give you free room and board
  13. Thanks guys. Same chip from the Tom's competition and MOA pre-qualifier. This chip has been around the block a bit and still kicking strong.
  14. Thanks for the tips Sam. I wasn't HTT walled, more like the core was walled regardless of volts at around 6050MHz. I'll be retrying after CES with two sticks of D9GMH and a proper XP installation. I didn't use XP as I happened to have Windows Vista installed on that drive and decided to give it a go
  15. On air this CPU walled around 360HTT. Under LN2 I was able to hit around 445HTT but the CPU was only stable through wPrime 32M at a maximum speed of around 6050MHz. I still need to test again in dual channel as I fear I am losing some efficiency in running single channel.
  16. I know, right?! Beers all around to celebrate this momentous occasion! It happens only on the day after a lunar eclipse.
  17. Just be careful with single-stages and cascades in low ambient situations. You can reduce the high-side pressure so much that you get very little massflow and horrible performance. Shouldn't be an issue around 0 Celsius but don't wheel your cascade outside in say.. -30 Celsius ambients
  18. Fix the security problems pro/Belgian Overlord have mentioned and I'm sure the benchmark will be boatloads of fun. It would be a nice thing to be able to submit from a non-DX11 OS but that isn't a deal breaker. No subtests with licensed versions is a huge pain in the butt and should be rectified if you expect to see wide adoption. Oh no! You have to actually overclock instead of play around with software tweaks?! Nooooo....
  19. You mean to tell me there are untruths on the Internet? GTFO, now. This nonsense will not be tolerated.
  20. While I would like to see more of the fairer sex present at these events outside of garish booth babes, reserving a seat at the table for women due to them being underrepresented in our hobby is wrong. I have no hard numbers but just going by the last ~8 years of participating in overclocking I believe I have met in person TWO women who dabble in overclocking and know of maybe half a dozen women who overclock. To say women are in the minority in our hobby would be a massive understatement. However, their gender, from the hobby, isn't holding them back. Sure, like any male dominated event, women will be mobbed by inarticulate men wanting attention but this isn't preventing them from participating in what is largely an non-contact hobby. I imagine 85% to 95% of my time is spent solo grinding out lengthy benchmarking sessions with the other times situated around weekend marathon group sessions at events that we travel to. There is nothing stopping women from participating in this online hobby unless you want to delve into gender roles, shaping of interests by society, and natural inclinations that predispose men towards technology-based hobbies and women towards social hobbies. In closing, I feel by doing this it will only make make a bad situation worse. We already have big issues between quantities of disposable income between regions and region specific competitions in general. Do we also need to now bring gender into this? What happens when a much more qualified male overclocker isn't able to go to MOA/GOOC due to that Xth spot being reserved for a woman? The reverse can't be said because a more qualified female overclocker can compete with all the males and whoop up on them fine. Now, where are these women you speak of? Boy would I love to see some prettier faces at these events besides all your ugly mugs. I've tried encouraging girlfriends to join me in overclocking but they don't find it interesting.. tl;dr -> Women! Overclocking doesn't favor a gender. We have other problems to worry about. Cash money millionaire. Boobies, because I have a 12 year old mentality.
  21. These drivers for H55 did indeed suck. I'd go back when I get home and crush the hwbot records but frankly I'm sick of watching Jane Nash's boobies bounce at 2.3 FPS. Losing on a technicality blows but I believe thanks to Brian Y. I'll be there serving as LN2 monkey. See everone in Las Vegas and you can bet we're going to bring it, whatever IT is. Now, to quote my only Canadian friend, Jody, who was quoting from an amazing movie.. "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,... you're cool and fuck you, I'm out!"
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