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  1. Hey guys 9900k/9700k Look for 5.4 maybe 5.5 and 7700k 5.3ghz, someone have one for sell?
  2. hey guys i look to buy one evga 1080ti kingpin, pm me with price
  3. Need 5.0g vcore 1.18 or less in air/water bump
  4. WANTED Golden 8700k I look for water/Air, I need Strong 5.3+ with low vcore
  5. g.skill trident G.Skill x 2666c10 also?
  6. I am looking corsair dominator platinum 2666c10, please PM me with price *CMD16GX3M4A2666C10
  7. up... some golden chip 4960x or 4930k?
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