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  1. nevermind, I thought the cpu was limited to 2800 in both stages. sorry man. nice clocks! that board you have is crazy!
  2. Tilt, you me, uncle steve and acorn know I would never cheat. get over it. quit reporting me for cheating. you are just sour because you are not 1st. get a grip. wtf is fancy cache? dude just because I beat you doesnt mean i cheated. get off your high horse. you should be worried about mike, fugger, and paul a. I hope you can pull a rabbit our of your ass. you are gonna need it. The greeks are screwed, the french are next. just because the euro is messed up doesnt give u the right to be a jackass. i'd be pissed too my country was the laughing stock of the global economy. but no matter how bad things got I would at least have some dignity and respect. your pathetic actions to make me look bad are known. You are a laughing matter at this point. I dont know what happened to you but I've talked to many and they all agree. You are a jack$ass! Get off your high horse and get on the jackass instead. You were meant for eachother. jackass!
  3. yeah man I see what you're saying but If youre getting no lock and fine on the same bios and then suddenly you boot back into win like I did and its stuck at 35x. same bios same everything. board just decides on its own to lock at a certain multi. wtf? I was benching 32m just fine and then I rebooted and its screwed all of a sudden/ no ln2. on h2o only 5ghz. temps were 24c. 1.45vcore and 1.85vdimm.
  4. I thought I was the only one. I set 50x100 speedstep disabled cpuz show 35x100 mem shows fine in cpuz 2400 and my set timings. its just the multi that is screwed. not just that but the whole time ive had the board my 32m timings are 6.28 I have dudes on 3570 pulling 6.23 on me and dont say its spi tweaks. my os is stripped down, waza, maxmem, large cache etc. i should be pulling sub 6.20 32m at my settings. its not. this board has been screwed from the start. mvg is going back.
  5. it would be the usual AU team video with AC/DC and random edits of Outback steakhouse commercials, Fosters, and of course Kangaroo Jack. I guarantee it will match the awesomeness of this overclock session.
  6. steve have you messed around with pcmark on win8 preview? I called paul tonight and we were talking about it. I'm dling the win8 iso atm. also im looking forward to do some ivybridge pc mark with you. hit me in the hwbot thread on xs or send me a pm. TA
  7. pro you ate my words. exactly the fun we had with clarksdale meets better mem controller on sandy tech. good to see some fun again!
  8. dinos I want that footage. answ my pm on xs. jsut pick up your balls and load the pot again for a 21 gun salute!
  9. http://youtu.be/trVcO02nwAE Stand up and be counted For what you are about to receive We are the dealers We'll give you everything you need Hail hail to the good times 'Cause rock has got the right of way We ain't no legend, ain't no cause We're just livin' for today For those about to rock, we salute you For those about to rock, we salute you We rock at dawn on the front line Like a bolt right out of the blue The sky's alight with the guitar bite Heads will roll and rock tonight For those about to rock, we salute you For those about to rock, we salute you For those about to rock, we salute you Yes we do For those about to rock, we salute you Oooh, salute! Oooh, ooooh yeah We're just a battery for hire with a guitar fire Ready and aimed at you Pick up your balls and load up your cannon For a twenty-one gun salute
  10. I can only imagine what stevero could do with your setup. He just hit 30K in pcmark 05 with a amd 740 at 3 cores @4ghz. I dont mean to sound harsh but you have a Lamborghini driving at 55mph. enjoy the glory while it lasts. You better get working on those tweaks asap because the cops are right on your tail.
  11. paul acorn get your ass in here and tell our fav uncle he did an amazing job!
  12. this run at only 4ghz and only ran at 3 cores (not 4 core unlock) is a milestone. This is a major accomplishment and should prob be on the front page as far as I'm concerned. steve between you and me this is a fricken major deal. when you accomplish something like this, you should have the hardware pr guys eating out of your hand. you should not have to pay a single dime for hardware ever again as far as we are concerned. I mean that steve. you just never cease to amaze!
  13. MAN YOU NEED TO SHOW THIS WAS ON A 125 dollar biostar board. Amazing!
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