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  1. Just noticed it is not possible to show your contribution to the team in your personal signature. As I lately focus more on my teampowerpoints rather then my OC league points, is there an option to show my gathered teampowerpoints in my signature? (together with ranked # in Team XYZ)?
  2. Had a good bench session today with 2.24 without any real problems. Just a question.. I always save my results to a USB drive, incase the OS gets corrupt or condensation issues that force you to quit.. You name it. Is it possible (just asking) that you can choose the save location? If you don't enter anything it just gets saved to desktop?
  3. Rather test it first before it replaces the current wrapper . @Genieben: Good work over there!
  4. What to do with this ? Keep getting below error, now had a good run and could not save the file.. The error shows up when exiting aquamark and score is not extracted from aquamark in that way. Below screen was made by manually making a screenshot in aquamark (the old way).
  5. Maximus 5 GENE bios 0880 http://www.mediafire.com/?nah98j168lgq6jc Updates system compatibility Improves performance Improves DRAM Overclocking
  6. I feel the pain
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