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  1. Not waiting long time, maybe cost 5min, not sure.
  2. Of course not mind and thanks you like this.
  3. I don't like the OBT's color, so I spray painted it with the "plasti dip". Looks not bad, and I used these 4 colors: Matte Black, Gunmetal Gray, Metallic Silver and Clear. 1st, painted Matte Black 3 or 4 layers. 2rd, covered a drawer liner like this pic and painted the Gunmetal Gray plastidip for 1 layer, then painted the Metallic Silver for 1 layer and remove the drawer liner quickly. Then painted the Clear plastidip for last layer. 3rd, let it getting dry, looks not bad. Now, we could build a new platform.
  4. Well, I had a LianLi T60 and a DimasTech Easy V3.0, the BC1 looks better than LianLi T60. I'd like black, but “white matt†anodizing is also good. I read the FAQ and found that shiped from China, It's a good news, but still have some questions: 1. Which express will be used in Mainland China? 2. I think I need more PCIe standoffs, mainboard standoffs and thumbcrews...., sold separately or not? 3. Where to download the 3D Blueprints? I need wider table, more than 400mm.
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