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  1. Too much cooling gear and too little time, some things gotta go For sale is: 1) SOLD KPC F1EE. Best LN2 pot ever made. Comes complete with all mounting hardware and a lot of insulation material. $150 SOLD 2) KPC Tek-9 FAT 6.0 GPU unit. Used 2 times, like brand new. Comes complete with all mounting hardware and a lot of insulation material. $150 3) SF3D tripple point memory cooler. Unused, comes with 2 coldplates. $50 4) DimasTech benchtable, hard edition. Comes with most brackets for fans, arch etc. In mint condition, milkwhite. $75 5) SOLD Fluke 52 II. In mint condition. It misses the bolt for the battery cover but thats under the yellow holder so not a problem. Comes with 2 original fluke probes, very accurate and read donw to -200. $125 SOLD 6) SOLD Fluke 15B multimeter. Like new. $75 SOLD 7) SOLD YDS 30L dewar. Like new, perfect vacuum. Hold LN2 very wel, it only looses 0.1L a day. $225 SOLD Pics: Willing to ship anywhere, we wil work out cheapest and fastest deivery to your place. Can make a nice price if you want more then 1 item or the whole set
  2. Very good post my friend, MSI should be in charge of MOA and HWBOT should concentrate on their core business, the rankings.
  3. Coretemp never been accurate for me below zero, did it actually show -150 in the prog before loading the chip with wprime again?
  4. Desktop computing as we know it is changing might be a better chosen sentence, i agree
  5. Desktop computing, gaming and OC is dying and there's nothing a tiny community like ours (with or without fresh blood) wil change about that. For 99% of the visitors on hwbot OC is nothing more then just another hobby next to bussy lives with families and jobs. Terms like the "broken eco system" and the "dead of OC" sound rather dramatic in that perspective. Try to adjust to the changing market like the vendors do and in the mean time cherish what you have rather then make more people leave. HWBOT did a good job becoming what it is today, most of the small comunity we are do use the website, thats a great achievememt but dont forget you need these users to make things work.
  6. I wonder what the expectations are, how many teams starting the leage would be considered reasonable and how many do you think wil be competing until the end of the season ?
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