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  1. Matrix and 970 sold Ultra D,790fx,and crosshair sold
  2. Starting my tattoo apprenticeship and unfortunately need to let go of some of my goodies, will update with more later. Feel free to check subs for how most of these clock/perform All prices O.B.O US only, buyer pays shipping(if outside US send me a message if you realllllly want something) 2x Biostar Tpower i45 - both solid boards, used 1 for teamcup '18.will include a 7ghz+ capable p4 641 $80each 1x Dfi Lanparty t2rs x48 - solid board, never ran cold. $80 1x 990fx crosshair v formula z - 8ghz capable board, does mem well, SOLD 1x Dfi lanparty 939 ultra D - used durinTC '18 max fsb beast. SOLD 1x Dfi lanparty 790fx B - solid board, never ran cold SOLD 1x 290x matrix platinum - great card only ran cold 2 times but has potential. SOLD 1x gtx 970 - never ran cold, ~1700+ core@ 10c, GREAT epower candidate,has vcore meter attached. SOLD 1x asus reference gtx780 - never ran cold clocks well $75 1x thermolyne 30L dewar - doesnt have cap but holds great,smaller mouth for easy pour. $200
  3. Definitely planning on coming this year! Looking forward to it.
  4. Unfortunately card really does top out at 1550 ,and I could have gotten away with just dice but definitely a fun learning experience
  5. Lmao it honestly wasn't bad,I just had so much else already set up it was just way more convenient šŸ¤£
  6. Ok so since its moved around, current background is good until th 10th right? Getting ready bench tonight and dont wanna lose a bunch of money doing subs that dont count
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