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  1. Unbelievable score for socket a, especially with dual-channel! Nice work lately - now go for 300 mhz fsb...
  2. Found another old validation: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=309849 Board is SAPPHIRE Pure CrossFireX PC-AM2RD790.
  3. Thanks for your information. I didn't overclock AMD for a long time now and all your hints regarding memory and NB are new to me. Thanks for that... And regarding the fact that I'm not a Pi-specialist my score feels even better now... I will try to come close to your time in the next few weeks. But first I have to buy a Deneb because the only Phenom-II-cpu left is the 1100T.
  4. Unfortunately I only had two memory kits. 2x 1 gb Cellshock, maxed out at 1666 6-5-5 or 1720 6-6-6. And these Corsairs which I could run 1840 6-6-5 with tight subs on air with this system (NB at 3 ghz). Under cold I could only complete this run with relaxed timings. With tighter timings I would probably shave two seconds off - but no chance to come close of your run. Your score is awesome...
  5. Nice score. I knew it was only a matter of time to loose no. 1 spot. I think we should combine my cpu with your gpu and get the slowest AM3 ever...
  6. As you can see I did a few "tweaks" to reach a hardware-performance as low as possible. In addition I used one application in the background. I wanted to use one more but this program did not start properly.
  7. because two and three gpu's play in the same category (multi GPU), the system does not distinguish between two, three or four gpu's. so your trippleSLI results replaces your "old" dualSLI result as your fastes score - and only the fastest score in one category gets points. to get max points out of your gtx285's you should also bench one card "alone", cause thats a different category!
  8. i hope i am at the right place here, if not please move the thread! thanks Since today we are benching an Intel Xeon w3540, but the cpu is not in the database - so we cant upload our results. please add that cpu, thanks alot !!
  9. ok guys, thanks. i was so entusiastic last night - now all is fine
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