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  1. Mate! Nice rig! Το σκόρ εδώ είναι μόνο για τα γραφικά όχι το συνολικό του bench, δηλ. Πρέπει να δηλώσεις σκορ 78504 κανονικά.
  2. Hi Mate, indeed, some of us never sleep... We wish good luck to our fellow Madshrimps Team!
  3. Strange thing, I was surfing in hwbot.org database in the afternoon Greece time (before 12 hrs or so) looking for hd6870 results, when I jump into the discussion about new revision (R8? Classic?). So in this discussion I found the link for the new revision and I follow the link as I was curious about how looked out(https://uat.hwbot.org). I logged in and everything were smooth, descent speed, results browsing OK, but no pictures at all and forum not accesible - the only negative I noticed. Then logged out and tried to continue the database search - huh!!!! No responce from hwbot.org and error on Chrome browser. I thought it was me, but as it seems is something general. Luckily that this forum link works. Varachio
  4. varachio

    [WTB] Rare Adapters

    P5E64 WS EVO exists here. she is at working condition, lately tested with an e6400. able for cold post with fsb 603, for some reason not able to work with setfsb software. This is the main reason I give it, since I have a second one board already. in case you are interested, pm me. varachio
  5. SC4: DDR4 - PCMark 7: Can I use 6950X cpu? Or 5820K? Sorry if I am asking again but so far I do not seen that kind of question or answer.
  6. Hi, to everyone. Bug report and sorry if I repeat it but as far as I read from the previous posts nothing relevant found. So, its about "venice" core stage. wprime 32m bugs and reverts with errata scores. In my case, with cpu speed of 2805 gave me once a score 23.156 sec while the correct score should be 55+ sec or so. If you are not look the monitor during the bench and you do something else and you come back after a while you are surprized If you look the monitor you notice that in e.g. 38% program exits the bench and records the result of 38% as final. This can potencial give "bugged" scores undetectable if this will happen during last calculation loop and will have 2-3 seconds better score. At the moment I see no issue with the uploaded scores, so may this happened only to me, so, everybody be aware. Videos and screenshots from my side are available if you need them.
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