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  1. To top everything off this crappy benchmark is really a CPU test with modern equipment, I'll not be bothering to waste any more time on it.
  2. Depends on the total score. With a 1080ti would you notice, a Geforce4 Ti yes probably.
  3. 3dmark03 sucks if you can tweak the clocks to blank the last bits of each test you can increase the score by thousands of points with out it looking suspect. I love picking up old/cheap shit and benching them so would like to keep all the old benches, modern cards are boring, to locked down and bloody costly. Please let us cash poor guys still have a chance to at least get a few points.
  4. Do I assume correctly that no adaptors from slot 1 to socket 370 are allowed. Just need to be sure before I start searching for more crap to fill the house with.
  5. Hey thanks for the rapid reply. Sorry i'm still relatively new to this.
  6. I have got 1.78.3 working but it is very unreliable. The core voltage is miss reported off and on and it still freezes but only when I have a good score to screen shot. Back to 150 version of Cinebench and 3d mark submissions if that is OK. This old shit is starting to cause me to lose hair.
  7. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this CPUz Validation link https://valid.x86.fr/war9nx and why it is failing to upload.
  8. Thanks TASOS, I have also tried setting DMI to 0 in the config file with no joy. I have also tried using 1.78.3 as a portable run from a USB which failed in the same way. I'll try clearing out all previous and reg entries. Thanks again for pointers.
  9. I'm having major issues with CPUz freezing the system at about the 12 to 15% point whilst detecting processors. Version 1.50 works fine but I can not get a validation link and therefore can't compete in the % overclock round. Any ideas would be appreciated, I'm trying to use an Athlon XP 1700+ for this round.
  10. Are there any operating system restrictions in this comp regarding geek bench running a 4790K as HWBot seem to stipulate one prior to Windows 8 while Sky and Caby Lake can use Window 8, 10.
  11. I have the best Haswell, I'm taking that as a moral victory.
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