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  1. Awesome :) Poor CPU, those volts for x265, hope it's still alive... :D
  2. Really hillarious and stupid idea from my side: make it as usual ddr1-4 stages (so 2019 style, not evry stage is a benchmark, but a ddr type again) all worth the same and then make a bonus stage worth half the points of each one of the ddr stages full of weird stuff/ dogpiles, so far not too stupid, so now for the stupid part which lead me to come up with this overall setup I suggest since we have no ES rule for any competition that we mix up stuff and make a pre ddr4 ES only dogpile ideally with a singlethreaded bench, if that doesn't work, use CB 2003, ofc pics of the chips required fo
  3. Great stuff Any chance you got a link to those 5 digit voltmeters?
  4. My main concern here is that if there ever comes another 8Ghz capable architecture on it's way that we can't do what we did back with bulldozer, ie. in theory we could have a architecrure that clocks the same but due to all core rule scores will be low. Right now you're right it doesn't matter as CPUs don't clock high enough for globals, but this whole thing sounds like something with the potential to screw over 8G benchers like myself wayyyy down the road Allso it's bad enough if CPU-Z is harder than some benches on old stuff, really don't like seeing it the same on new stuff, as i
  5. d-die bought on ebay, still want that stick of sdram though
  6. Up Now allso looking for some ddr3
  7. 5,4GHz+ should be possible on cascade even, just didn't bother, will do as soon as i have 2x4GB micron kit 4 sticks of hyper really isn't fun
  8. Looking for a stick of sdram with quimonda chips, doesn't need to be your top stick but 100% working and tested is a must as i'm trying to figgure out where my issues with these are...
  9. TAGG

    kingston hypers

    adapters gone, up for some cheap hypers
  10. You mean the NB single stage? that's the orange thing in the background
  11. TAGG

    kingston hypers

    hypers down to 10€ a stick
  12. TAGG

    kingston hypers

    MOFC sold, up for some adapters and hypers
  13. If i would suspect the extra performance comming from the .dll swap messing with timers or the ammount of work being done that'd be accurate, but all it does is provide a way for the cpu to more efficiently use it's instructions to do the work it's given by wprime, i actually even used a stopwatch to make sure it actually is faster and not just appearing faster like back in the day with the SR-2 It's kinda the OS equivalent to the AGESA patch thigie with FM1 and gpupi, providing a faster (allthough inoficcial) way to execute certain code ... (or as mentioned many times before using intel
  14. I'll just leave that here, you guys do whatever you want with the knowledge: Ideal OS: Win 2K datacenter edition https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gx9JkXp0XvNL7D4Y-JZfiFB17XcsGKQo/view The tweak: for 775 get newest vb runtime here, on other platforms diffrent ons may be faster: https://www.dll-files.com/msvbvm60.dll.html I allso attached awardfabrik tweaker for realtime effi, now you can easily beat my scores, but be reminded that i can allso rebench wPrime_Tweaker_AF.exe
  15. I did the whole just pressing bench in spi 32M for years, never stood a chance, spent 20+ hours last week actually figguring out the effi there and now got it to a point where i stand a chance, not complaining just saying that there is abolutely no chance in many benches allready unless you spend hours on working out tweaks... I think that's exactly why @TerraRaptorshared it, so those guys can just replicate it and rebench, there is aboslutely no right to only have scores beat by higher clocked CPUs, if that were the case we might as well get rid off all benches but CPU-Z valid.
  16. tiny diffrence there is that the .dll i changed is not part of the benchmark, but of the OS, if you change some runtimes in the OS that makes 3d effi better why not? I mean we run intel open cl runtime on ryzen 3 for gpupi, i run vb runtime from win7 on non win7 OS diffrence here is just that one is runtime from microsoft and other one is 3rd party runtime they are both not used as intended, but undoubtably work.
  17. It's reproduceable (and very consistent), allso i didn't invent this tweak, it has allready been public on the bot for a while now
  18. No idea about real temp, evap is -95ish, NB is on small SS i build for that purpose (running -30ish)
  19. Don't feel like there's any point for ln2 on these, it's pure fsb limit anyways
  20. TAGG

    kingston hypers

    7700K sold, added some reject hypers
  21. That is abolute no from me, i mean i don't care if you leave 05s globals, but it's still 3D bench since you need modern GPU to compete... Moving it to 2D just screws things up same reason for no globals for TS Physics, you allso need DX12 GPU there, right?
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