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  1. It's allowed to run any multi you can get working, so go ahead and mod those bridges
  2. I think that would mean new tops for 2/4/6/8 threads would be G4520/7640X/9600K/9700K(all but gpupi) honestly that sounds hillarious cause 90% of all the serious scores of past gens become worthless 😂 As much as i would love to see that for the pure chaos i'm honestly for the "a core is a core" approach, so 12900K is 16C and done
  3. I know name of the comp contains ddr4 but rules don't so far, can i assume i can bring some gtx2s for the random draw price?
  4. Currently contemplaiting if getting quad socket is worth it, or if dualsocket and taking #2 vs. 2 octasocket subs from w9 is the better play here
  5. Ah shit and here i am, thinking i stood a chance with a dualsocket board 🤣
  6. Opterons are allowed i assume if dual 940 is OK?
  7. Every cap helps Not sure i would cap mod these, but if you have a 775 chip that clocks well and is missing many caps adding some back seems to be a good idea
  8. You beat a bunch of my stuff from retirement, so i shall return the favour (Except for the retireing part)
  9. Should be d9pfj, but it's not clearly marked, so that's just a guess...
  10. TAGG

    kingston hypers

    Hypers are gone allready, so please move this to sold
  11. Oh, I'm not doubting the existence of 200+ c2 capable stuff, even have 4 sticks myself, just all of them are 512MB qimonda sticks, didn't manage to find 256MB ones ever... So might want to broaden your search to include 512Mb ones Can't sell mine, since i didn't bin them propperly, but good search terms for finding some on local market are muskin essential and kingston 512Mb C3 value RAM sticks, look out for qimonda ICs, usually very late production stuff has them
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