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  1. Nice score! I'll try to overtake it when I get a chance in a week! :-) Here's hoping you overtake some of the other scores I set in the past week. Give me something to work toward...
  2. Nice! Wish I had that thrown in my case (3x480mm Nemesis Black Ice rads; complete overkill to absurdity for water cooling).
  3. Yeah, the ML seems to be out of place. But the AES test seems to be highly mem sensitive. Just changing my mem interleaving to optimize for it I saw a 2000 point jump. I like the physics tests, but the lightly multithreaded crap, like HTML and their SQL (at least from what it seems), along with speech recognition, horizon line detection, etc., don't really hit the mark on heavy multithreaded tasks, IMO. It is like a mix between GB3 multithreaded, which was good (but would need updated by this point), and GB4 multithreaded, which sucked. You get a couple tests that stress the CPU like GB3 did, but most do not, like GB4 did. But, to be fair, the distribution on scores does seem more representative of what has been seen on performance by AMD and Intel CPUs, at least as of the first gen Ryzen/TR and the 7960/7980X/E variants and the soldered 9 series which brought nothing to the table, at least to a degree. I also think the AES test is good as it is similar to what is used in bitlocker by MS, so not so far out there that it is a single case scenario that only a couple users will get a benefit from. It's similar enough that it can show everyday performance unlocking password managers, etc. How heavily it is weighted (see the 2000 point jump) is a different story. Overall, I'm not as hating on the benchmark as I was yesterday, but still trying to fully unpack whether I like it or not (still in the not category, but doesn't mean I won't bench it). Edit: I'm also trying to figure out why the old AES tests used over 30GBps while the new one is only using 25GBps on my Ryzen 1950X, while using closer to the 30s for the Intel chips. Little things like that are bugging me and I will have to look through them when I get time to compare the versions more thoroughly.
  4. Turns out the mods I have for my work desktop Win 10 Ent, or some software that I use on it, was the issue. Once I put it on my bench thumbdrive, no problems whatever on it or any of the other benchmarks. Considering I primarily use the bench drive to bench on, it is all good now. I just was honestly expecting GB5 to work on my work modded desktop, but guess it is a different set of mods, slightly. Once again, thank you for all the work you have done!
  5. Please check out the behavior BEFORE activating GB5 in the new benchmate. So far, it was primarily GB5 that said something about the timer skew. After the notifications stopped popping up about the timer skew on GB5 (after I had installed the stand alone), it did show a timer skew one time in benchmate. Rest of the scores come up fine, except the program never pops open the browser to upload the results (which may be because the program is still reading some form of timer error). I haven't fully run down what is going on yet, but have posted here and at GB about it. But I'd like to rule out it being just my rig by having others play with it related to Ryzen. Thank you!
  6. Yeah, some companies put it at 30 days from release, which means you would fall outside of that with this. Then again, I haven't been happy with GB multithreaded testing since GB3, and nothing I've seen has yet to change my mind there with GB5. Further, because this is the full x64 version, whereas prior versions required a paid license for x64, which always outperformed the x32 variant, thereby guaranteeing a need to purchase the full version, you don't have to this time. So you may think of skipping it to be honest.
  7. Hey, have you had any issues with GB5 on Win 10? All I've seen is it either complain of a timer skew or it doesn't pop up a browser and upload the file so I cannot see the results. Don't know if you saw similar before activating your copy...
  8. Depends on when you purchased it. If you just purchased it, you likely would have gone with the newer version of the software. Whereas older purchasers knew what they bought when they bought it.
  9. So I'm still getting a timer skew on Win 10 Ent with my 1950X. Has anyone else seen this issue with their first gen ryzen chips, Zen+, or second gen? I tried both BCDedit /set useplatformclock true and false, no effect. After I went to 0.9.2, I stopped getting the popup about the timer skew, but it still failed and gave no score. I tried the standalone installer of it to the same result. Worked fine on Win 7, but that heavily gimps scores compared to Win 10 (like 35-40% lower multi-core score). https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/20741 This is compared to someone who got this score with a 1950X on a Zenith Extreme with Win 10 Pro: https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/2785 Any help figuring out why I'm getting this issue would be nice, along with if anyone else with any generation Ryzen on Windows 10. Best regards, AJC
  10. update: After having installed NTLite to verify which iso I was sending you (double checking components removed), and after trying to install a couple different graphics drivers (which I detailed previously about DDU then trying to install a modded driver without Nvidia telemetry, etc., which didn't install), which the new ones wouldn't install either, GPUPI is now running. I have no idea why. But I did want to mention it to you. Probably just a weird one off situation.
  11. Sent you a PM with more details and links.
  12. Also, I still need to boot to the windows to go thumb drive I have on my 1950X, but I can open the file on the 1950X's main OS and run GPUPI, but when I boot from the thumb drive and try to run it on my P770ZM laptop with a 4790K, it has the message of "failed to guard the application." I used the same folder I have been using on my 1950X, and I submitted a report from the app already. I just need to boot from the thumb drive later tonight to see if it is something with the thumb drive on the OS (modded windows 10 ISO), or if it is a problem found with the Intel CPU but not the AMD CPU. Also, being a Windows to Go thumb drive, it having the multiple drivers installed for multiple machines may have a part to it. I'll report back later if GPUPI runs from the thumb drive this evening. Just wanted to give a heads up. If it is an issue with a Windows to Go install, then it would be niche, but still worth knowing (hence why I plan to test it tonight). Update: So, I just sat down and tested because I had the thumb drive here. It must be something to do with the modded OS or it being a Windows to go install because only that app didn't work on either the 4790K or the 1950X from the thumb drive when the windows to go OS was loaded. I'd need to try a stock loaded OS on a windows to go thumb drive to confirm it is that which is the issue versus one of my mods to the OS, but the other apps work fine (didn't try the GPU-Z as there wasn't a need for it).
  13. @_mat_ As a nice to have, you could maybe add a place where people can put stock photos of their rig needed for enthusiast league and above. This will help allow people to upload not just the score and screenshot, but the other files needed to get points. Call it a point of laziness on my part and others, but having to go edit the score on hwbot to get points is a bit of a drag. I do like the automated nature of this app. So, I'm asking for up to 4 slots for images, similar to the submission page, so that we can just tuck those pics into a folder for benchmate and not have to think too much about it. Not a high priority, but something to consider.
  14. @Rabe - You will likely need to re-run this run. You do not seem to have hit save result and a couple things look off. Could you open CB-11.5 through benchmate with the version 8.1 available at https://www.overclockers.at/news/benchmate-beta-tester-gesucht , as the rules say to use V8.1 or higher for the competition. You have a good score, but this likely will be thrown out if you do not.
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