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  1. I doubt Im the only one really wanting to know what happened with this one?
  2. Whats the difference? Its the exact same card with another bios as far as I know?
  3. Just a question, how much Cache is required? Would a raid card with 256MB be enough? If not, would it give any benefit at all?
  4. Tried it as second card? that way you know if card is dead or not showing picture.
  5. Reading the comments and looking at the enthusiast people and how they might get screwed over by this new HW score system I got thinking. Why does it have to be linear? Could it be somewhat curved instead but go down to maybe 70 or even 65%, more people would get at least some points making more people submit scores while the ones that scores between like rank5 and 80% get slightly less points helping against this HW point inflation some are afraid of.
  6. My idea is that OC sport points is included to make people join competitions and understand that they are fun. More people competing gives more value to OC as an esport and that is good for OC.
  7. yea it was something special to try subzero and not just open the window cold. would be fun to do like Australia and get all good swedes on one place for next time. -25c is crazy hope we get like -10 atleast, just hope I dont miss it when on winter break from uni.
  8. Afraid that will be hard as it wasnt my phasechange, but Im currently looking for a second SSD so I can install fresh windows and try to run some more benchmarks on air atleast. should be good for the new 3dmark when winter starts!
  9. Think moderators are looking at submissions. Stage 1 ranking is different today, ROM and UKR have lost HW points and gone down.
  10. This sounds like fun. Only for i3 CPUs or would it work on a cheap Pentium G4400?
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