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Found 22 results

  1. Official BIOS (Vermeer support) 2020/12/17 UPDATE ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO / FORMULA / IMPACT / DARK HERO 3003 BIOS 1. New CPU support 2. Add a ReSize BAR shortcut for AMD SAM supportA Before running the USB BIOS Flashback tool, please rename the BIOS file (C8I.CAP) using HERO : https://bit.ly/3nt6Ayv HERO WIFI : https://bit.ly/3mrlRi6 FORMULA : https://bit.ly/2K3QuND IMPACT : https://bit.ly/2WkCRMr DARK HERO : https://bit.ly/2LMYWBn NEW OC PACK TURBOV : https://bit.ly/3895WBz OCTOOL : https://tinyurl.com/y3hu2hg3 2019/
  2. Hi ! I want to buy Asus R5E monobloc or R5E10 + monobloc 😀
  3. Official BIOS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore 0401 Bios Download : https://bit.ly/2OqWWOq OCPACK TurboV, MemTweakIt, OCPACK : https://bit.ly/2Ov7Br4 TurboV W7 : https://bit.ly/2LNcIBg (Windows7 use turbov old version.) USB Flashback LN2 OC TIP Same as SKX, Enable ln2 mode, load ln2 profile, adjust volt and ratios accordingly. NOTE: Default SATA mode is RAID mode so to boot into an AHCI Drive you need to switch to AHCI under PCH storage config low core profile (10core or 12core or 14core) high core profie (16
  4. Basics: ASUS Z390-A MOBO i5-9700 uP CLK 3.4 Water cooled with avg temps around 60C Problem: On boot up I was getting a consistent 42% OC notice then last week is just dropped down to 27% on boot up. Any idea what would cause this drop - out of the blue? Thanks Harry
  5. LN2 BIOS ROG ZENITH II EXTREME 0036 BIOS DOWNLOAD : https://bit.ly/36aJALz Official BIOS ROG ZENITH II EXTREME 0602 BIOS DOWNLOAD : https://bit.ly/2rngx8Y 01.Update AURA Led FW version to 0202. 02.Update AGESA BIOS code to the latest PI1.0.0.2 03.Improve system performance. Before running the USB BIOS Flashback tool, please rename the BIOS file (Z2E.CAP) using BIOSRenamer. OCPACK Turbov and CCX OC Tools : https://bit.ly/2REIMef MemTweakIt : https://bit.ly/2UhX8An Zen Perfboost : https://bit.ly/34W7hap (After loading CineBe
  6. I'm looking for that particular board, and if possible, with the original box. Much appreciated!
  7. For sale never used Asus Rampage III Gene motherboard. I got it from a man who bought it as a spare one for his server and never used this board. There are no sign of dust or wear, because board spent couple of years in the box. I only replaced the battery. Two sata wires are missing (originally there were 4 pieces, I have only 2), rest is in the box. Board is in 100% working condition, guarantee not DOA. I'm looking for 200 euro + shipping (15-25 euro, I can ship worldwide). PayPal (gift) or Bank transfer
  8. The title pretty much sums up what im looking for. This is what im running, totally new to overclocking but my set up is pretty beast. i know this is a benchmark but its the only way i know how to show my rig without typing it all out. Intel Core i7-8700K CPU @ 4400.0MHz - 2354 XTU marks on HWBOT
  9. Hi Benchers, Players, Puzzelers, Tweakers, Modders, OC-ers, fiddlers and all the rest of you : we are hardware abusing poor sodds - BIG bigtime Everynow and then -you'll ALL must have been down this godforsaken road of utter dispeare.. Your eyes still hurting form that short circuit that creatief a mind boggling arc of light so BRIGHT it actually burned your eyes like a welding torche.. While meanwhile you try to take only very-very-very shallow breaths, so that short circuit smell with its thick penetrating -stinging cloud of Fried circuits stuff triest to smuther you, almost makin
  10. So I know that GP102 is banned, however there is no mention of Vega. My question stems from the fact that while Vega is definitely out prior to the start of the comp, Asus has yet to get around to launching ANY Vega cards of their own prior to the comp. So assuming Snsv gets around to launching Vega before this comp ends will it be valid to sub?
  11. Hey guys, Max VIII Impact is here. Very nice board. BIOS is the same with Gene and Extreme. OC memory profiles are there. CPU overclocking same as Extreme, memory a little better i'd say. If you have questions, just ask.
  12. This legendary Asus TUSL2-C board have no image! http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/tusl2_c/ That have to be fixed...! Thanks! :battle:
  13. Here the newest Nvidia ROG Matrix card from Asus, the ROG GTX 780 Ti Matrix. The card is still under NDA, but here already some nice pictures for you guys. This week I will test him to see what he is capable off. First step will be to test the card to the max on air, after that I will put him under cold. Start with my cascade and after that under LN2.
  14. ASUS ROG LGA1150 Lineup comes with two new boards - mini-ITX Maximus VI Impact and mid-range Maximus VI Hero. ASUS Maximus VI Hero offers the build quality and some exclusive features like any other ROG board, but for more reasonable price. In the past, those overclockers who wants a ROG board, but can't afford a price of flagship Maximus Extreme had only one possible option - Maximus Gene, even if they actually don't need mATX board. Now they have another alternative in the list - Maximus VI Hero with ATX form factor and the price almost the same as Maximus Gene (currently Gene is only $5
  15. I found information saying that Elpida BDBG ICs are not good for OC but apparently not so watch the results of these Kingston T1 2333 MHz provided by oZeros.com and Kingston Chile the hardware used is a 3770k (3240c354), Asus MVE & 2x1 Gb Kingston T1 2333 MHz c9 (CPU & Rams i use air cooling, 20°C) stock 2133 MHz 6-10-6-27-1T @1.65v 2300 MHz 6-10-6-27-1T @1.75v (1.766v real) With 1.82v in BIOS (1.835v real) and without moving 2ry/3ry timings 2400 MHz 6-11-6-30-1T! I think with a few tweaks I can get more Excuse my bad Eng
  16. ASUS Gryphon Z87 is the first The Ultimate Force (TUF) Series board in mATX form-factor. By default it comes without "thermal shield" but you can order TUF Gryphon Armor Kit separately if you wish. The price tag is only $170 that makes this board interesting for using in compact PC builds. It's not ROG board but it still has some features, which is more than enough for daily aircooling OC. Let see what OC results we can do with this board and Intel Core i7-4770K CPU. Specification Vendor: ASUS Model: Gryphon Z87 CPU Support: Intel Core i5/i7 LGA1150 System bus: DMI 2.0, 20 GBps
  17. Some time after launches of graphics cards come modified versions from partner manufacturers. ASUS now appears to be one of the first with his 7970 DirectCU II. It is a fairly well-equipped cards where everything from circuit boards to the cooler has been redesigned. The cooler consists of 6 heating pipes, which is directly exposed to the graphics core. The tubes connected to a generous heatsink which is cooled by two 100 mm fans. ASUS states that the cooler should be 20% cooler than reference, and 14 dB quieter. It comes at the cost of room and board will take all three PCI
  18. Ok Guys are you ready, if so get you engines started we have a great competition for all UK overclockers, the competition is all about overclocking to the maximum MHZ you can from the stock MHZ using only an air-cooled set-up, this can be of your choice, so no limitations to whatever setup or system you want to run. the best bit it’s in the comfort of your own lair, we invite you to generate the MAXIMUM OC PERCENTAGE possible. Run CPU-Z on your rig at STOCK speed, then again once you have the OC set to MAX take a CPUz and email those links. The 12 fastest overclockers will be invited along
  19. hello first off greetings from denmark , and then i post my pc riggo here, Cooler Master Storm Scout Midi Tower Cooler Maser Hyper 212+ Cpu Cool Core2Duo E7400 2.8 GHZ Kingston Hyper X 6 GB DDR2 PC-8500 Asus rampage formula x48 socket 775 Nvidia 9800 GTX Western Digital Raptor 10.000 RPM 150 GB sata 1 system disc ofcurse Western Digital 1 TB Green Caviar sata 2 Western Digital 320 GB sata 2 segate Barracuda 500 gb sata 2 550 Watts Power Supply no name, windows 7 ultimate x64 not real licens lol okay first off if any one knows what my problem is, i am much appriciated as
  20. Hello can you send me your bios settings and everything to show ho wu got to 5.2+ GHZon ur asus p5q deluxe with intel e8500 i keep trying but my ram keeps exceding and my comp bluscreens. Please give me everything u have thks. -Nic
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