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  1. Dear community, the most quiet time of the year is here, where we think about about our family and friends. This year we have lost a big part of the overclocking community, our dear Karl. So I would like to invite you to join us in honoring his name by participating in our donation campaign for an Austrian children hospital dedicated to researching cancer especially for young patients. The idea was born when you guys asked where you could donate to his family, but they wanted you to help the hospital instead. Now this idea is wrapped up the way Turrican would like it ... To cut things short, overclockers.at (my site), our friends from Noctua and HWBot have teamed up to present you the Turrican Memorial Challenge! It's a contest with two stages using GPUPI, the benchmark I dedicated to Turrican a few weeks ago. The first stage is called "Turrican's choice" and focuses on old hardware. Run GPUPI in 1B on the oldest CPU possible and overclock the hell out of it afterwards. The oldest chip with the fastest run wins! Yes, you know you wouldn't stand a chance if Karl could participate. The second stage is GPUPI in 1B for graphics cards all out. The fastest run wins, whatever it takes! We would like to see some crazy 290s on liquid nitrogen here, so be ready to refill your containers. But this contest should not be all about winning and prizes. Noctua, some of the guys there knew Turrican personally, will donate 1 Euro for every participant of this contest! So get ready to crunch some pi on your system, all of you can make this happen. The contest will start whenever HWBot is ready. It will be officially announced in the news. In addition to the contest we have prepared something special to take the donation campaign to another level. At overclockers.at we have been giving out "Hardware Terminator" shirts for the winners of our little overclocking contests. It's Turrican's nickname that Monstru gave him when he visited Austria for an OC event in 2009. It kind of stuck and we made a couple of shirts just for fun. They were not for sale, they had to be earned by liquid nitrogen, sweat and blood. Turrican wearing is his shirt surround by his most favorite toys. For this donation campaign we've redesigned this shirts a bit and made them available in our web shop in multiple cuts and colors. They will be printed on demand in small by a little company here in Austria and shipped by us as soon as they are ready. To be able to buy one, you have to donate at least 5 Euros to the donation campaign. We let the amount of the donation open to your choosing. Every Euro is appreciated and will be directly forwarded as it is. The proceedings of the whole campaign will be officially handed over to St. Anna Kinderspital in February next year. More details on that as soon as possible. I wish you all a merry christmas, have fun benching, get yourself a nice shirt and help us with this good cause! Links: English web shop with international shipping | Turrican Memory Challenge (starts soon)
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