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  1. I am hosting a Dual Core Athlon Competition! Here is my video describing the competition. I will also post the rules here. Rules 1. Dual core Athlon CPU's only 2. DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3 platforms only 3. All benchmarks must be submitted on HWbot using their rules and include a rig pic 4. Water or air cooling only - no sub-ambient cooling 5. All submissions must be done within the month of May 2022 6. No core or cache unlocking Benchmarks - Cinebench r15 - HWbot x265 1080p - superpi 32m Other - K8 CPUs will be in their own category, while all other Athlon's will be in a category together - Participants must use the same CPU for all benchmarks, and therefor will only be ably to participate in one of the CPU categories - Each benchmark will have a winner for each category, which means each participant can win at most 3 of the 6 categories - Use official Competition wallpaper! The Official wallpaper for this competition
  2. Hi i am looking for a vbios whic has the most open power and voltage limit to get the most out of this card any leads/help is greatly apprciated i used to have a asus xoc vbios on my old MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X Trio and it worked perfectly this card is obisly dual bios soo bricking isent realy an issue im just curious if anyone has tested some that works great on this type of cards.
  3. I have built my system 2 months ago and I want to do a overclock. Is there some sort of a guide or something that can help me? I haven't done overclocking before.
  4. Hi All, I'm a novice when it comes to overclocking CPU's, I've never had an unlocked one before. I've happily overclocked my old laptop's GTX 980M and gotten some great results. I know have an AORUS X5v6 with a i7-6820HK, I want to push it to see what is capable of. Temps shouldn't be an issue as I can take it into a sub zero environment for testing (I have a large walk-in freezer). AORUS's bios is heavily locked down so any CPU overclocking must be done with XTU or throttlestop or similar. It has 4Ghz overclock via the app installed, but this only sets a single core to 4Ghz and the rest are stepped down. A simple overclocking guide for this CPU would be helpful? Any takers? Thanks
  5. Hey fellas, I've had my i3-6100 BCLK overclocked on my MSI Z170A Sli Plus board for several months but have only now realized a discrepancy which may or may not be anything to worry about. The issue lies in the clock speed which I have it set to and what it's being reported as. Windows, 3DMark, Geekbench, Cinebench and I am sure others all report the speed at 3.7Ghz whereas the only program which acknowledges the correct speed is CPU-Z. The post screen will also show the correct BCLK of 111.1 (I lost the silicone lottery) and the BIOS itself will show the correct speed of 4111. I assume BIOS > all when it comes to readings but I'm just making sure if this is normal or I've been misleading myself all this time. Thanks
  6. In this thread we maintain a list of helpful overclocking guides for overclocking Z170 and Skylake CPUs. The list consists of English and international languages, written and video, general and detailed overclocking stuff. Feel free to post a message with links to other guides! English Guides - General Skylake Overclocking ROG Maximus VIII Series Guide by Coolice: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=142991 & http://www.mediafire.com/view/s1d3wtulam1bku7/ocguide0722c.pdf Xtremesystems Official ASRock z170 OC Formula guide by Splave: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?292331-***Official-ASRock-z170-OC-Formula-Finger-Pop-OC-Bonanza-UKNOWDAT-Edition-FTW-ETC*** Skylake Overclocking Power Consumption and Voltage Scaling by Overclocking.guide: http://overclocking.guide/skylake-overclocking-power-consumption-and-voltage-scaling/ Skylake Overclocking Guide at Overclock.net: http://www.overclock.net/t/1570313/skylake-overclocking-guide-with-statistics Intel SkyLake Overclocking Guide by Myce.com: http://club.myce.com/f184/intel-skylake-overclocking-guide-339700/ Overclocking Support Thread for MSI Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=146382 TweakTown's Ultimate Intel Skylake Overclocking Guide: http://www.tweaktown.com/guides/7481/tweaktowns-ultimate-intel-skylake-overclocking-guide/index.html English Guides - Specific and Advanced Overclocking Advanced Skylake Overclocking: Tune DDR4 Memory RTL/IO on Maximus VIII by Alex@ro: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=144618 MSI Z170A Xpower Titanium Cold Hynix by Strat: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=144758 International Guides [Guide] Intel Skylake Overclocking Anleitung 6600K 6700K by Der8auer (Germany): http://extreme.pcgameshardware.de/overclocking-prozessoren/400253-guide-intel-skylake-overclocking-anleitung-6600k-6700k.html Intel Skylake Basic Overclocking Guide Part 2: Intel HD Graphics 530 OC by JagatOC (Indonesian): http://www.jagatoc.com/2015/09/intel-skylake-basic-overclocking-guide-part-2-intel-hd-graphics-530-oc/ Video Guides LinusTechTips (Vessel): https://www.vessel.com/videos/OjS4Bp5kU
  7. Hello. First of all, i reinstalled the OS. Right before the reinstallation the XTU reads out my systeminformations without any Problems. I did installing all the drivers exactly in the same order as before, but intel xtu now have some issues I can't fix. Using google over hours and testing and deinstalling. I complete reinstalled the OS again, but that wont help me. You will find a Screenshot of the intel XTU window i can see right now. My problem is, that it dont knows my CPU. All the other stuff is completely in the right order with the right specs. If you guys can help me, that whould be realy nice. Best regards Devil ps. sorry for my bad english
  8. Having done a little benching with X99, I was wondering if someone might be able to advise a good set of ram for just benching with? I currently have some E Die G Skill that I have used in both Z170 and X99 which I was quite pleased with (as it was a quad kit) but I was wondering in the light of this B Die ram, is that the best bet or better bet for X99? I'm also after a 32Gb kit for gaming with, but I'm guessing anything would be good enough for a daily rig? Thanks in advance
  9. Hey guys, Max VIII Impact is here. Very nice board. BIOS is the same with Gene and Extreme. OC memory profiles are there. CPU overclocking same as Extreme, memory a little better i'd say. If you have questions, just ask.
  10. Did you know, the current #1 in the Extreme League held the SuperPI 32M World Record back in 2001 with Athlon XP? So honored to see Hideo active and sharing his results at HWBOT :ws:
  11. Hello Dear Overclockers! Some of you may already know - we have small overclocking community in Georgia - Overclockers.ge ( http://www.overclockers.ge ) and we are doing our part in the world of OC. I wish to share our success with you too. About two weeks ago, local university organized LGA2011 stock cooler overclocking championship final stage and I decided to show young overclockers how it's all about extreme OC. That time local frequency record was 7350 MHz, I decided to break it. First time I used Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 motherboard and despite its pretty unpredictable nature, I managed to tame it and done 7999 MHz - http://hwbot.org/submission/2519435_ At the university OC championship, Gigabyte MB refused to turn on at all. To compensate for that, after 3 days I decided to make a livestreaming OC event, this time with my old ASUS Maximus Formula. MB is quite old, with RMA on its history once and changed chipset, which loves a bit higher voltages than normal for stability. I expected to just jump over my previous 7999, get in 8000 MHz league and show young overclockers everything in live event. Here are the Hardware used: MB: ASUS Maximus Formula (X38 Chipset) - Flashed Rampage Formula BIOS, Unmodded Stock MB, no Vdroop, Vcore, OVP mods CPU: Intel Celeron 356 - Batch: 5634B341 Pot: Kingpin Cooling Dragon F1 TIM: GC Extreme RAM: 1 x Team Xtreem 512 MB, Micron D9GMH GPU: Zotac GeForce 9500 GT PSU 1: Inter-Tech CobaNitroX 750 Watts PSU 2: Codegen 350 Watts - for fans only Thermometer: UEi DT304 Apollo IV OS: Totally stripped down WinXP SP3 and LN2 ofc. But then my old Maximus Formula begin making wonders... Booted flawlessly @ 8000 MHz and made higher results possible - http://hwbot.org/submission/2520651_ Then it was 8133 MHz - http://hwbot.org/submission/2520654_ Then 8262 - http://hwbot.org/submission/2520655_ 8292 - http://hwbot.org/submission/2520656_ Breaking 8300 MHz barrier - http://hwbot.org/submission/2520658_ And the top result for the day - 8322 MHz - http://hwbot.org/submission/2520659_ The result has been a great success for our community. Considering that the CPU is unlapped and MB is stock, there seems to be some room for improvements. I plan to lap CPU and pot, do Vdroop mod to MB and try again. As of Loadline Calibration it gave worse results. 8322 MHz was done with Loadline Calibration disabled. Here you can watch the 3-hour session on Youtube: Here are the pics taken during the event:
  12. Hey guys Gonna be benching all week end long with Roman in Montreal, at the biggest LAN party in Canada (1K gamers). Everything will be live broadcasted all week end Long on OverClocking-TV. Officially the live is friday afternoon to Sunday, but I'm pretty sure this will be extended to... the week after, the live will depend on my ISP to be able to fix the crappy connexion this week (what I fear won't happen...). Anyway we have a good batch of hardware to abuse (list to come.) Sponsor of the overclocking show-off : CORSAIR & Intel Hardware partner for the Show-off : MSI & GIGABYTE & 8ECC Schedule We will start broadcasting officially on Friday afternoon at 5PM (Montreal Time) and follow up on saturday all day (10AM – 10PM), same on Sunday (11AM – 5PM). To convert time to your time : http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?year=2014&month=2&day=28&hour=17&min=0&sec=0&p1=165 Available hardware list for the overclocking show-off : * CORSAIR PSUs : AX1200i, AX850i * CORSAIR SSDs : Force GTX * CORSAIR Memory : Dominator Platinum (2666Mhz), Vengeance (few differents kits), Dominator GTX (the old one ) * Intel 4770K (2 untested + 1 as backup) * Intel 4930K (2 untested) * MSI Z87 MPower Max AC * MSI Z87 MPower * MSI X79-GD65 * MSI GTX780Ti GAMING (factory overclocked) * MSI N770 TF 2GD5/OC * MSI N760 2GD5/OC * GIGABYTE Z87-OC * GIGABYTE X79-UD7 * CPU Pot : 8ECC Fusion 3.1 + Ryba's CPU Pot * GPU Pot : 8ECC Raptor + ryba's Fat GPU Pot * 230L of ln2 * 20kg of Dryice * bunnyextraction load of fun ! See you on the live chat
  13. Hi, this is my first thread here on hwbot. I've been wanting to find other people in the area that are interested in overclocking as well. I've been overclocking since the AthlonXP 1600+ to my current i5 4670K. I've now reached the point where I now need to take the next step in to extreme overclocking (delidding, L2N/Dry Ice,) and would prefer to meet up with others that have experience in these areas, as well as just meet new people that have the same interest. Personally, I've always been big on breaking 3DMark records. My current build holds the record for Firestrike (not extreme,) with a Core i5 4670K and GTX 780, and 3rd place for Extreme settings. I spent hours trying to get the 2nd place spot on extreme, and to get first I'll need to push the CPU over 5Ghz... which I can't do on air or water. Since everyone has their own talents I thought it'd be fun to recruit a team and see what we can come up with. Plus I may be able to help push your hardware further. So, if anyone lives in the area, and is interested, please hit me up.
  14. First of all: - Do not leak those videos to the people working in the same office as we. - Don't do this at home, do it to your neighbor Basically it's 4 drunk swiss (ocaholic) people (children) that had 300L LN2 to play with: Ocaholic 300L LN2 Session 29-30 September 2012 So, 2.5 Days, 5 Best Swiss Overclockers (Hiwa joined on sunday), 300L LN2, infinite hardware to play with and NOT A SINGLE RESULT/SCORE. But we had a shitload of fun, trust me... Cast: Christian Ney Besi Splmann Michel90 Rewarder Videos taken during the session: Christian Ney failing to boot his system 7977 MHz FX-8150 on tape They froze my candies Fill Besi's Monster Pot Like a boss Freeze dat fan Freeze dat fan - Part 2 Useful AMD Stock Cooler, aka World's first LN2Thrower powered by AMD's HD 7970 Stock Cooler ? In the bathroom - Part 1 In the bathroom - Part 2 Cool down Besi with a Office fan Marc & the lamp Some Office Stuff Into Besi's bag Into Besi's bag - Part 2 Trash Can Fail to PET Bomb Gangnam Style Poor Intel DZ77RE-75K Taking back the Intel Board to Office Some Intel Caps :celebration:
  15. Some time after launches of graphics cards come modified versions from partner manufacturers. ASUS now appears to be one of the first with his 7970 DirectCU II. It is a fairly well-equipped cards where everything from circuit boards to the cooler has been redesigned. The cooler consists of 6 heating pipes, which is directly exposed to the graphics core. The tubes connected to a generous heatsink which is cooled by two 100 mm fans. ASUS states that the cooler should be 20% cooler than reference, and 14 dB quieter. It comes at the cost of room and board will take all three PCI Express locations in width. The actual circuit board has been upgraded to include 12-phase power supply. With direct control of the tension via ASUS's own overclocking utility, GPU Tweak. Otherwise, the graphics card factory overclocked to 1 GHz core and 1400 MHz on the graphics memory. A lift on 75 MHz and 25 MHz from the reference card. It is worth mentioning that it also supports six monitors, on a card. Source: TechSweden.org
  16. Source in english here: http://www.techpowerup.com/162935/ZOTAC-Working-On-GeForce-GTX-680-with-2-GHz-Core-Clock-Speed.html Speaking at a conference of AIC partners, ZOTAC (China) General Manager Mr. Kwai claimed that his company was working on a "Godly" GeForce GTX 680 non-reference design graphics card, with 2 GHz core clock speed. The card will be designed to demonstrate ZOTAC's engineering potential with non-reference designs. It will be ready by mid-April, 2012. Then again, there could be a catch. ZOTAC China has, in the past, designed certain bleeding-edge graphics cards exclusively for the Chinese market, which never made it to Europe and the US. ZOTAC is an NVIDIA-exclusive brand backed by OEM Goliath PC Partner, which also holds AMD-exclusive brand Sapphire Technology.
  17. Recently ive been doing some testing with the new Extreme6 X79 board from Asrock, so i thought i may as well post a quick review about it. To start with, the Extreme6 is a typical Asrock motherboard in the way that it offers a lot of features. 8xSATA, internal USB3.0, E-Sata .. you name it, asrock got it. The board also features start/reset buttons, and a handy HEX display. As this is the first Asrock board ive ever tried, it's VRM solution surprised me. Asrock hasn't an image of being super OC-friendly, but the Extreme6 actually offers a nice 12-phase VRM build around the same Chil controller found on the Rampage 4 Extreme and Radeon 7970. Then the big question; how is the (uefi)Bios? The simple answer is it's good, but with room for improvement. It definitely doesn't of as many settings as a Rampage 4, and isn't as straight forward as a nice Gigabyte board, but it's pretty decent non the less. You find what you need, and it works pretty much as expected. Results... well, it's hard to impress without a jaw-dropping, high clocking CPU. But the least i can do is show some screenshots as prove that this board actually works quite OK! 130bclock: 5400mhz Pifast and Superpi 1M. 2133 memory, 2400 doesnt seem to fully work yet. But at 8-9-8-24 2133mhz should be enough for most benching. wprime 12t 1.5v (CPU temp just below zero) and Vantage CPU test... Also did some 3D benching to check 3D performance. Seems pretty good! Conclusion: For around 220€ Asrock offers a pretty good board, fully packed with alot of features. It actually beats most of it's competitors when counting features, just looses in other places like user-friendly BIOS and overal looks. OC-whise the board seems solid. It clearly has no problem maxing this CPU, and works very stable even in tough tests like Vantage CPU test. So all-in-all a pretty nice board with some good potential.
  18. Here we go, After the ''SEXY'' chip on the X58A-OC, here are the Rambo chips :nana: :banana: Oh and it also features Blue PCB, and we all know that Blue PCB are the best
  19. Hello everybody! I jumped on the Llano wagon as well and I'm quite surprised to say the least I'm currently testing an A6-3650 on a Gigabyte A75M-UD2H for a review. Everything's perfect, I've learned the system and its "tricky" spots, I've already hit 2500MHz RAM with air-cooled CPU/RAM and I was about to move to SingleStage testing @ -40*C. What's my problem? Using an 8800GT I can hit around 145MHz FSB on air-cooling, maybe a little bit more. Using the 6530D though (iGPU on A6-3650), the last stable FSB frequency is 120MHz FSB sharp, which means that GPU tops at 444MHz (stock) *+ 20% = 532MHz core clock. I've seen others on hwbot benching on air with > 140MHz FSB while still using the intergrated GPU. How is this possible? I've tried everything, from voltages and CPU/RAM multipliers to VGA RAM size, EHCI Async Data Cahce and stuff - whatever I could find @ BIOS I already tried. Can you help me out a bit? Maybe it's something I missed, I dont know... Maybe it's the fact that I use the VGA output of the UD2H and not the DVI one? I've tried PCI-Express up to 120MHz but still I can't manage to get more than 120MHz FSB using the iGPU How are these guys for example manage to hit such FSB on air-cooling with the iGPU: 1) http://hwbot.org/submission/2205735_delly_3dmark_vantage___performance_radeon_hd_6530d_4632_marks 2) http://hwbot.org/submission/2198558_xoqolatl_3dmark11___performance_radeon_hd_6530d_1169_marks 3) http://hwbot.org/submission/2198114_rebelion_3dmark11___performance_radeon_hd_6530d_1066_marks Just to clarify, I'm not questioning the above-mentioned scores. There must be some trick though for such high FSB. I find it hard that my chip's iGPU craps out at 120MHz FSB.
  20. Hello can you send me your bios settings and everything to show ho wu got to 5.2+ GHZon ur asus p5q deluxe with intel e8500 i keep trying but my ram keeps exceding and my comp bluscreens. Please give me everything u have thks. -Nic
  21. Hello everyone, I am here to tell you about our event which will include: - LAN: 250 players and more - Bench: 10 overclocking team (450L LN2) and free bench zone - Space for manufacturers - Space for computer sellers - Varied animations - Used Computer Exchange (26/09): about twenty stalls + A lot of visitors !!! For inscription or more information => http://pc-overware.be/index/bench-a-lan-party.html And forum : http://pc-overware.be/forum2/index.php/topic,3635.0.html Thks ! C3
  22. A few days ago Sophocles ( sofos1990 ) asked me if I wanted to bench with him and his cr@ppy Core i7 980X, he purchased a Sparkle GTX 480 and wanted to get some numbers down with that setup before selling that bloody 980X of his. So I said "sure, why not", I haven't had an LN2 session in the last few... months and I needed some of that benching adrenaline, after some phone calls all the details were taken care of and we had a date : I picked his brand new card and my Palit GTX 480 as well and gave them a nice conformal spray bath. Since sofos1990's 980X was better ( despite being a cr@ppy CPU ) than my best 980X ( how typical ) I decided to take down some numbers with my card as well, my HWbot account needed a refresh. The numbers we nailed down that day aren't actually worth mentioning, his 980X geezer was barely capable of running AquaMark 3 near 6100MHz and 3D Mark03 around 6GHz. Sofo's VGA was also better than mine, and thanks to the decent clocks his card managed to go through in 3D Mark03 sofo's grabbed the 6th place in the 3D Mark03 single card rankings with his 136.886 3D Mark03 run ( CPU 6GHz, GPU/MEM 1250/1050 ). He also captured a ~421k ( 420.937 ) AquaMark 3, and a ~52k 3D Mark05 ( 51872 ) with our last drops of LN2 ( barely made it to the save score window ). So was this long story worth reading ? Maybe not, but the following paragraph probably is I'm pretty sure that sofo's would kill himself for not saving some LN2 that day to try my newest 980X ( which was taking a nap on my 24/7 classified setup : ) :rofl: 2 days ago, I gathered 14L of LN2 and a lil' friend of mine, AMDnord to help me out. To my surprise, the 980X ( 3005F210 ) was a good chip ( not what I'd love to have and fall in love with, but considering my... bad luck & karma, I should be happy for having this one ). We started the testing with the usual CB & CBB testing in dual channel memory mode, the numbers ? No coldbug at all, and -154C cold boot bug Then we did some 3D Mark Vantage CPU TEST(S)ing, 1.6V 5.4GHz done, 1.7V 5.7GHz done, 1.8V 5.95GHz done. Then we tried AquaMark 3 as we had just a few liters of LN2, 6450MHz AquaMark done at 1.85V ( success! Borat said :rofl: ). Tried to raise the UnCore then, but had limited success with that, I think the 73 BIOS for the X58 Classified E760 isn't exactly mature for 980X UnCore clocking yet, anyway, 6450MHz CPU and 4.5GHz or so UnCore = done too. I was planning to keep 1-2L of LN2 to try the lovely GTX3 triple channel memory kit Corsair sent me on LN2 aiming for DDR3-3000 triple channel, but the happiness my 980X gave me with its clocking made me lose track of time and LN2 supply and the session ended unexpectedly during a 3D Mark Vantage run ( which was run with an old driver which we used for AQ3 since it was the best of the ones I've tested before, so we missed 1.5-2.0k for that ), we ran out of LN2 during the second CPU test, and the system BSODed right after AMDnord pressed the save score button I'm preparing myself and my new hardware for more LN2 sessions, and if my plans pan out well, I'll have 2 more LN2 sessions ( 55L of LN2 each ) by this weekend I'll leave you with some screenshots/pictures while I'm leaving the room to insulate the new VGAs Many many thanks to: for the awesome RAM, thanks Alex, Mike & Peter. for the TruePower Quattro 1200, thanks Korinna & Maurice! [ click on the pics ORB URL's ]
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