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Found 7 results

  1. Hi ! I want to buy Asus R5E monobloc or R5E10 + monobloc 😀
  2. For sale never used Asus Rampage III Gene motherboard. I got it from a man who bought it as a spare one for his server and never used this board. There are no sign of dust or wear, because board spent couple of years in the box. I only replaced the battery. Two sata wires are missing (originally there were 4 pieces, I have only 2), rest is in the box. Board is in 100% working condition, guarantee not DOA. I'm looking for 200 euro + shipping (15-25 euro, I can ship worldwide). PayPal (gift) or Bank transfer
  3. @SF3D @Billy\-The\-Kid @NeoForce @beleno @Calathea @fuzz3l @sheri-robak-tiger; @ARandomOWL @kintaro @Gluvocio @matose @nickolp1974 @Nick\.ua @THC @baker18 @kim55 @DopeLex @MattNo5ss @Radi @Solarfall; @OverExtreme @gradus @CtrlFix @alibabar @F\.O\.G\.N\.A\. @Vivi @k\|ngp\|n @Cische-; @westyle Hi guys, I went through all of the Rampage Extreme subs that I could find to get anyone who has subbed over 670 FSB with a reference clock, E8400, E8500, or E8600. I have now tested two different boards and two different chips subzero with my NB frozen. Both chips had the exact same wall at 670.6 FSB and from searching around, it seems like quite a few others have run into the wall there... but a few have made it past that. I have changed every voltage that I can imagine... PLL from 1.60V up to 1.85V, FSB Term from 1.55V-1.80V, NB from 1.55V to 1.85V, etc. The things I haven't touched yet... GTL's. I've read that on the REX they can stay on auto. For those of you that made it past 670, did you start manually tweaking these? What about clock skews? On my P5E3 Premium, a skew of +200 ms on the CPU was practically mandatory but I wasn't finding any successes on the REX by tweaking this. So... please share your FSB clocking tips! I have a bomb E8500 that I'd like to get up past 6.4GHz and I know 6GHz isn't the wall on my E8400. Thanks in advance... I know a lot of the people mentioned above aren't active but whatever
  4. Hi Benchers, Players, Puzzelers, Tweakers, Modders, OC-ers, fiddlers and all the rest of you : we are hardware abusing poor sodds - BIG bigtime Everynow and then -you'll ALL must have been down this godforsaken road of utter dispeare.. Your eyes still hurting form that short circuit that creatief a mind boggling arc of light so BRIGHT it actually burned your eyes like a welding torche.. While meanwhile you try to take only very-very-very shallow breaths, so that short circuit smell with its thick penetrating -stinging cloud of Fried circuits stuff triest to smuther you, almost making breathing impossibble .. Allas -Brothers and the odd Sister- we always seem to be able to kick ourselfs in the buts and get going again.. But the financials of these ordeals.. I cold have bought a brand new BMW M3 from this money pit.. But i still remain My socket 2011-3 , the X99 Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard, has suffered from the above tales, leasing broke, with an expensive 5960X in my hands that wants to play, or at least no langer alienated from this buddies which he sees living there happy lives.. So who's got Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard, which is fully functional-.?? Just the board, no accessoires needed, Who can make me happy , with a board, for a very conciderate price. That might fit my budget?? Henkenator68NL Living in Franeker in The Netherlands, so possibly also estimated post price. Thanks dudesssssss
  5. Up for sale is one of my two Rampage Extremes. $120 shipped to the US Backstory: I got this one about a month ago from Suzuki. When it arrived, it had some damage from shipment and would not boot. He had a second board so he sent it to me while I worked to see if I could get this board going. I was able to determine that the issue was a damaged mosfet which I then removed. Once I did, it was working perfectly. If you're talented with a soldering gun and/or have a hot air rework station, you can replace the mosfet and be back running at full capacity. If you're not... it doesn't really matter. Check below for the results while running down a phase The money from this sale is going back to Suzuki so he isn't out so much cash! Photo of the carnage: Results: 641 FSB on air (CPU-Z, HWBot) 670.46 FSB/6.37GHz E8500 on LN2 (CPU-Z, HWBot, Discussion) QX9650 @ 5.75GHz (CPU-Z, HWBot) Board definitely has more left in it... 670 FSB was with all fine tweaking on auto. Payment: Payment is via Paypal and includes shipping to the US. I'll ship global but you pay the difference in shipping! I am not accepting offers right now so anything below my asking price will be ignored. I expect this board to sell before Monday.
  6. I have a REX but no poster! Have a dead one hanging around? Let me know :celebration:
  7. hello first off greetings from denmark , and then i post my pc riggo here, Cooler Master Storm Scout Midi Tower Cooler Maser Hyper 212+ Cpu Cool Core2Duo E7400 2.8 GHZ Kingston Hyper X 6 GB DDR2 PC-8500 Asus rampage formula x48 socket 775 Nvidia 9800 GTX Western Digital Raptor 10.000 RPM 150 GB sata 1 system disc ofcurse Western Digital 1 TB Green Caviar sata 2 Western Digital 320 GB sata 2 segate Barracuda 500 gb sata 2 550 Watts Power Supply no name, windows 7 ultimate x64 not real licens lol okay first off if any one knows what my problem is, i am much appriciated as i getting sick and frustrated in my head, about this error on my mother board, im not sure if my power supply is 550 watts, but i was told that it was, when i bought it first time i tryed to insert my graphic card nvidia 9800 gtx Zotac Chipset, it wouldent event show a image on my screen, then i inserted an 6600LE nvidia card with no issues what so ever, the problem is, on asus website it says it have 2* pci ex 2.0 but on the site where i bought it, it says pci ex 16* but im thinking pci ex 16* should support pci ex2.0 yes ? but then again im not sure where to go on as on the website where i bought this nice mobo to socket 775 , it says in () ASUS Rampage Formula, X48, Socket-775 DDR2, ATX, 2xGbLAN, Firew, 2xPCI-Ex(2.0)x16 but further down the page in graphic cards expenansion slots descriptions it does only say pci-ex 16* or 16* full mode, im thinking could it be defekt mother board or is my power supply maybe only on 400 watts as it is a no name and if so how do i found out of that how many watt it have.? and if i need a new power supply how big should it be ? im really sorry about my english but i only learned english through american tv shows but my question is , have any one had simmilar issues with same mobo like me ? or a tottal diffrent mobo perhaps ? i have updated to newest bios .... not sure it would help at all to down grade it, but the funny thing is with out graphic card and lan driver installed and only sound driver installed i can watch youtube in full screen divx 720 and 1080p movies in full screen with out lag in sound that kinda wierd huh ? i hope some one understand my topic well here as i tryed many places cheers from djzouloxdk
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