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Found 1 result

  1. I'd like to introduce to you the MSI Z170A XPOWER GAMING Titanium Edition : For more details you can check MSI's exclusives features here: Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE Product Page ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OC GUIDE Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE - Ln2 OC GUIDE v1.5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOFTWARE Command Center Lite Command Center Lite [highlight](ONLY for HOT BIOS)[/highlight] Command Center Lite Memory v1.0.0.15 MSI GAMING CPU-Z v1.76 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIOS Latest OFFICIAL/BETA BIOS: From older (top) to newer (bottom) Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE - OFFICIAL BIOS 160 Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE - BETA BIOS 173 [highlight]***TUTORIAL VIDEO: ***[/highlight] Latest XOC BIOS: Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE - G.SKILL OC BIOS [highlight](This XOC BIOS can only be flashed with this tool)[/highlight] [highlight]***WARNING : XOC BIOS ARE TEST VERSIONS THAT MIGHT CONTAIN SOME MINOR BUGS. HOWEVER THEY ARE OPERATIONAL AND MIGHT ALSO IMPROVE OC/COMPATIBILITY, SO USE THOSE BIOS AT YOUR OWN RISK, MSI CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!***[/highlight] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEMORY OC RESULTS Samsung B-Die 3866 CL12-12-12-28-220-1T XTU Aircooled: Samsung E-Die 3600 CL11-18-18-28-320-1T MEMTEST Aircooled: 3866 XMP CL18-22-22-42-503-2T 4 DIMM MEMTEST Aircooled: 4000 XMP CL19-23-23-45-730-2T MEMTEST Aircooled: 4000 CL12-18-18-28-320-1T XTU Aircooled: Samsung D-Die 3600 CL13-18-18-28-300-1T 32M Aircooled: Hynix MFR 3746 CL10-15-15-28-278-1T XTU Ln2: Hynix AFR 3600 CL12-17-17-28-300-1T 32M Aircooled: 3800 CL13-17-17-28-310-1T XTU Aircooled: 3962 CL11-16-16-28-278-1T XTU Ln2: Thanks to Sam OCX, Strategosan, Toppc, Pt1t and Xtreme Addict for their screenshots. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will regularly update the Ln2 OC Guide and this support thread with latest BIOS and utility as well as XOC results so stay tuned!
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