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The official April's Final Team Cup Warm-up thread.


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Congrats to Hellas for the third warm-up win!

However we will not leave you win the real deal so easily :P

What's your paypal account ???? :D:D


PS . Great job man ! I have to admit that many of your scores give me troubles ! :D


Hellas, always brutal to compete against. Good job. Congrats. :)


@ Stelaras- sandbag is not an issue with us my friend. We run what we bring and hope we bring enough. :D

Thank you Mr.Scott . :)


In my opinion sandbagging causes troubles only when the other team didn't max out their hardware . It's like benching on air/water when you should have benched subzero .


Overall this three month competition was an amazing school for all of us . We learned a lot of forgotten things about old hardware & tweaks .


Regards , Stelios

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what´s the problem? if u have no idea what to bench we can make suggestions. what´s about this?:

stage 1: geforce 3d-mark 01; geforce 1 to gtx700/titan

stage 2: radeon 3d-mark 03; radeon 7k to r9

stage 3: pentium wprime 32: pentium 1 to pentium haswell

stage 4: athlon super pi: athlon, athlon xp, athlon64... to athlon richland

stage 5: 3DMark - Ice Storm Unlimited - fullout


there is something for everybody, isn´t it?

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