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just whant to now


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For ambient cooling (stable?) 4.5 GHz are pretty good. You can't expect much more from Bloomfield CPUs without advanced subzero cooling.


dont now if its stable, dont now if the vcore can go lower.

just put in bios 1.4v and started at 35x133 (4.67) that give my a bluescreen, after that i put 34x133 in and it work, so mayby after some tweaking and different settings it can by stable, but dont now alot about tweaking this board.

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So 35 x 133 gives you a bluescreen, but you can boot into Windows at 34 x 133? I think you will end up around stable 4.2-4.3 GHz (Prime 95 or the like) then. Some Hwbot benchmarks like 1M will probably run at 4.5 GHz+ though. Just try and have a look at the temperatures. By the way for the highest system performance you should raise the base and uncore frequencies, too. But you can do that later once you figured out in what range your cores run stable.

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