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Sub-zero water chiller

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I have the opportunity to get a Hailea-clone water-chiller for a relatively low price (that compared to a unit from the store).

I'm wondering if anyone of you tried the following:


I want to disconnect stock temperature probe and connect an external one which always measures ambient/room temp, so I can fool the chiller that it never reaches the target temp (lowest that can be set is 4C I think).

By doing this the chiller should never sswitch off its compressor and work on full power non-stop, but I'm not sure what temperatures I could expect, so I'm asking if someone tried this with a similar water chiller.



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Hey Infra :) Temps is completely dependent on compressor size and gas. What you want is the biggest possible pretty much, I think best Hailea shipped with no more than ½ HP compressors and r134a. So in best case I'd say down to -20 maybe -25 but it will take a while to cool down a lot of water to that.


Still, I'd buy it ;)

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Yea sure this idea has been used by chiller guys for a long time, converting window ac units to very powerful water chillers. However they usually have much more powerful rotary comps. There are a lot of builds in XS old chiller section, I'm surprised you've missed it? :)


Reading here http://www.overclock.net/t/1412175/d-d-dc750-chiller seems that the model you are loking at are massively overspeced and actually only 1/4 HP. Depending on what you have to pay for it, might not be worth it. I think it won't reach -20 at all with such small comp. Not with any kind of decent load at least.

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Hmm, so it's actually not between the Hailea 500 and 1500, but rather between 300 and 500 Hailea.

I know the AC units conversion ofcourse, but it's too big and I liked the idea to mod this one.

I wanted to use it mainly with VGAs and SS on the cpu, cause I have only one phase-change unit.

That's rather disappointing.

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if you look for heavy bench unit ..the compressor / condenser and refrigerant( R134a have a low performance ..for what you need) is the problem, the water pump also( need MAGNETIC PUMP) , becouse the pc designed for water is not perform very well at lower temps.

recently i build myseelf a strong chiller and GPU SS with rotary´s compressors( both with R507A)! , for exemple my Chiller loop is with the evaporator builded in reservoir ..that offer a better boost compared with HX plate ..that all chiller/ss builders use today.

HX plate is restrictive over -30* water temp, liquid into HX cover small amount of water ..and that make it unstable at load temp..etc..

i waiting suction line from BartX and i can braze hole unit an ready to go:D http://forum.lab501.ro/showthread.php?p=362036#post362036

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