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4930K/4960X/4770K, MSI X79 Xpower II, FX 8350

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Few great toys for big boys to play :)


MSI X79 Xpower II - from MOA 2012 as second board, barely used, full box, 100% in very good condition. 200€




Intel Core i7 4930K - OEM tested on LC, 4.5GHz 1.28V LinX stable, nothing tested on LN2. 400€, 1y warriantly




Intel Core i7 4960X - OEM tested on LC, 4.7GHz 1.26V LinX stable, quick test on LN2 with Xpower II ~5900MHz 1.7V CB R15 stable. 950€, 1y warriantly.




Intel Core i7 4770K - Box tested on LC, 4.6GHz 1.20V LinX stable, not tested on ln2, but it's good clocker, so >6GHz for sure. 350€, 3y warriantly.




AMD FX-8350 - OEM, quickly tested on LN2, good stuff to attack >8GHz. 200€






World wide shipping posible! Ask by PM for costs and shipping options.

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