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4960X (x3)


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Three retail 4960X chips left over from binning***8230;


All tested with Vantage, wPrime & Cinebench R15.


All run with Rampage Black, 2666C10 dom's @ 2800C9.


Checked on W/C only.


1. 4.8Ghz@1.408v. 3326A996 - 1163 £625


2. 4.9Ghz@1.44v. (4.5@1.13v/4.8@1.344v) 3326A996 - 0074 £700


3. 5.0Ghz@1.44v. (4.5@1.13v/4.8@1.296v/4.9@1.376v) 3326A993 - 0771 £SOLD


Boxes for 1 & 2, 3rd i can't remember if it has one. If i find it i'll send it on if required. All 3 chips are retail.


Free shipping within EU.


Apologies for no screens, ended up using the drive for a fresh OS.



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