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Am I missing something obvious? Maximus VI Hero + 4770K

Guest TheMadDutchDude

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Hey guys,


I want to know if I am missing something obvious.


I used to have my Maximus VI Hero and 4770K at 4.5GHz (45x) and 4.7GHz (47x), and it used to stay at those speeds all the time, no matter what.


I've recently sold it to a friend, and he can no longer get it to run at 45x constantly. As soon as load is applied, it drops to 35x.


Now, here's the even weirder thing. The profile that I used to run at a constant 4.5GHz, has been saved into an OC profile which he has loaded. However, it just will not stay at 4.5GHz when load is applied.


What could we try that I am obviously missing? I am 99% sure that EIST and all power saving options such as the C states are disabled.


Please advise. I feel like a right noob now as it is something so simple but I cannot wrap my head around what the problem is.

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