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Small program to highlight ram or cpu freq?


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Hi guys.


Later this week I will do live ocing of ram and cpu for Team Xtreem local representative here in Sweden. I've done this once before with them and main problem is as always to get the crowd interested... We will use a big TV to show my desktop and I'm thinking of using some sort of magnifier or other program to highlight ram speed and more importantly make it easier to see. I'm just thinking very simple here, give people a number in MHz --> increase it and people will understand the basic of ovverclocking :D


Does anyone know of an utlity that suits this description?

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Tried it, looks really good. Very configurable, even text size and custom name for every sensor.. very good. Do you know if it's possible to move the osd overlay around? Right now its fixed to top right and looks a bit shitty with dual monitors (testing at work atm :D)

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