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I'm not sure, because I made a submission the other day and after I attached a picture I could simply add it to the competition page.


But when I looked at the score you linked, it seemed the engine didn't give the message it was eligible for the competition

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There is this one : http://hwbot.org/submission/2583096_

I thought it was just an occasionnal error and Ney validated the submit for the stage manually.


And recently this one :



For both i tried to edit them as a team capitain, but never could insert them to the Team Cup. Seems like it's particular to the HWBot Prime Androïd submissions.




Edit : Same thing for Team Cup SC3 stages :/

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HWBot Prime says that a Snapdragon 801 belongs to the 800-family, can I join, or is it an error?

I would also like a clarification on this. The main difference with the 801 seems to be power reduction and higher GPU clock. The cores are the same except for frequency differences, IMHO this is kind of like different hardware steppings for the same model of CPU.


The 800 and 801 both come in 8974-AB bins and I'd like to know if the *801* 8974-AB is allowed. The Snapdragon 800 8974-AB which released late just seems to be an 801 with slightly lower bin GPU and ISP. They were both released at the same time.


I have an Xperia Z2 coming and I'd like to participate.

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The rules stated before the competition where that 801/805 are not allowed, they can't change mid-competition even if you're technically correct.

Thanks. ;)


805 is a revised core anyway...


I just find disallowing the 801 to be a little stupid when the 800 AB bin has a clear advantage over the other bins (higher DRAM frequency...). The 801 AB I believe has exactly the same CPU performance.

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