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The official Rookie Rumble #6 thread.

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I have done a submit for the XTU stage. As I noticed the ranking is done on a per core score, I had done my run with only 2 cores. Surely the per core score would be calculated on the cores used, not the full processor count.


Will I have the same problem if I run hwbot prime and the calculation ends up on 12 core count instead of 2.

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Now just make XTU total score based and not per core and tighten this comp up.


XTU more cores

Hwbot prime - less cores

Spi1m - all out speed


It's like if you don't have a 4770k, your handicapped.

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I have enjoyed the 2 rumble competitions even if i did not win :-) Taking those 3 benchmarks are a really good way to learn about OC and your own machine. I wanted my system to be as fast as it could in its Corsair 900D, with the watercooling I have in the case. I could see there was more to give but only with external cooling solutions. between the first roundup and the second one I took part in the main difference for me was that I delidded the CPU but as I only had the GC-extreme TIM i could not get the full effect yet :-) have ordered the Liquid metal and will redo the delidding shortly.


Congrats to guys who managed to pass me in the scoring tables.

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