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Xfx Gts 250 Vmod


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Sorted out with the help of Nachtfalke.

200 Kohm at Fb pin 6 like in the picture + ground.


Results :


Model : XfX GTS 250 - 512 Mb OEM

Cooling : Watercooling + 4x5500@120mm@Delta

Ambient : 29.4 grade

Frequencies stock/oc: 738/1836/1100 <=>891/2100/1480

Voltage stock/oc: vgpu= 1.250vGpu@?vMem // 1.43vGpu@? vMem

Cpu/Speed: 4670k /3,4 ghz

Nature: 360.8 fps





It's pure gold memories.I think they can go at 1600 mhz with Vmem mod and proper voltage :).

Btw,first screen was made at 8 degrees ambient in January,hence the frequency.

Next step on Gpu is 918 and it's not possible ,i;ve tryed up till 1.43,i don't want to go higher for the moment.No OCP encountered.

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