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Asrock Z97 OC Formula-PSC

Guest Bullant

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Guest Bullant
awesome stuff as per usual Bullant!!!


Looking forward to freezing some PSC on the Z97 OC Formula soon myself :)


Thanks man,looking forward to your results too,you'll like it

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Guest Bullant

I run a little less on each one then what's in nicks profile mate,the Z97 is a little different to Z87 and Gigganyte to Asrock run these volts a little different too

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Guest Bullant

So no ln2 for a little while I did little air testing


Cpu on SS -25 and memory on air ,temps about 14c


2800Mhz stability 32M pass



Also did some testing on full bank memory's 4x2Gb PSC,CPU SS -25 and memory's on air about 20c on these runs.

If you take note on the above 28x memory you can see with this 4x2Gb im 1.5 sec slower,everything quite loose on the 4x2Gb for the moment,not to bad considering 4x2Gb is 2666Mhz

Memory's used in the 4x2Gb were Pis 2300 cl8,one good kit on air and the second kit is not very good on air at all,if I had used a better second kit im sure things would of gone even better


Will test all this on Ln2 when I have next refill,should see some nice numbers once cold




So still with the 4x2gb 2666,only now i start to tighten subs and few things,even tho not a pass it was only 391ms slower then 2800Mhz @ loop 18,with still plenty to tighten



So I tighten a little more and was running on par with the 2800Mhz,with still little more that can be tighten and only @ 2666Mhz



Was also getting some loops at 2700Mhz



Also doing 2736Mhz and just about all subs tight as they normally would be





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Guest Bullant

Yes mate very strong,all of the above were all rtls 40-41 and iols 4-4


here is little test i just did but had to shut down because moisture or something so wasn't able to test full stability


CPU on water and memory's on SS -20 full bank,would of been bit easier if cpu was on cold too


Should be quite nice once the cpu on cold and -160+ on the memorys



Edited by Bullant
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Guest Bullant

It can run all tertiary's as tight as normally would be seen apart from 2 tertiary's,so that being said it can run little tighter then you posted


I believe it will run all tertiary's on cold as tight as cold is normally apart from these 2 tertiary's,I would like to test my findings on ln2 before I show tertiary's


That being said its pretty easy to work out what timings they are,testing memory on air and at -20 I still wasn't able to tighten these 2 tertiary's

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Had another play with some cold PSC 5Ghz and also some maxxmem

Was using my old 4770K,still seems ok imc considering it wont boot 2666Mhz with cpu on air no more

Cpu On SS -25 and memory was -160 2.24v


2860mhz tight was looking ok



2900Mhz tight 8M pass





2900Mhz tight 5Ghz maxxmem




2900Mhz tight maxxmem 5.791ghz,





will test maxxmem again later with cpu on LN2 and lot more Ghz

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Tested another 2 kits of pi's


pi's 2000 cl6 -160 2.25v 5-10-5-2800Mhz promising kit does pass 32m @ 2800Mhz 6-10-6-21 tight all day long



Pi's 2300 cl8 -160 2.0v 6-9-6-2800 This kit seems quite good but with limit of 2.0v could really hold this kit back,does pass 32M 6-9-6-21 -1755Mhz,should pass 32m 2800 6-10-6





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Nice,if you back off on couple timings does it let you boot 2666? Like triple 13-13-13 ,also can go 4-5-4-20-4-4-4-5-5-13-13-13,can also try tRAS 94 96 than if pass 2666 can try tighten



Looking good

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

EPIC RAM skills there mate! :D


I've just ordered my OCF so hopefully I'll have some fun with it soon.


I've got a 3418C011 batch G3258 to try too.

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Not sure what you on about but I had a tighter cl6 run and it was slower,the cl5 run was little looser and faster so to me cl5 must be real


It may not be super efficient because of cl5 and twcl6 but it is what it is


Also I never ran twcl5 it twcl6 ,we not talking about cl5-twcl5,it is cl5 twcl6


I would think when cl goes behind twcl like I have cl5 twcl6 its not super efficient but still a improvement as my results prove it


Have you ever ran this type of result to say it not real?

Edited by Bullant
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