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Devils Canyon and Pentium K Batch numbers!


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  • Crew

Lets get this party started,







and then view results here:




I'll update this thread with scaling batches and good clocking batches.


COLD Scaling batches:

L329C241 okay scaling

L418C223 good scaling

L418C221 good scaling

L418C230 okay scaling

L419B533 okay scaling





4790K :



L329C241 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.325v 4c/8t - Mikecdm - mild scaling, -140 6.2 benchable / 6.5 validate

L331C518 - 4.7ghz wprime 1.2v 4c/8t superV - no scaling above 1.2v!

L336D106 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.35v 4c/4t - barti27

L352C118 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.3v 4/4t - dumo

L352C119 - 4.7ghz cinebench 1.2v 4c/8t - Gunslinger - no cold scaling

L418C133 - 4.8ghz wprime 1.31v 4c/8t - splmann

L418C134 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.358v 4c/8t - zzolio

L418C164 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.25v 4c/8t - steponz - no cold scaling -105 CB

L418C169 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.300v 4c/8t - Mikecdm - no cold scaling -105 CB


L418C213 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.35v 4/8t - SHIMIZU - no cold scaling :(


L418C221 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.4 v 4c/8t - NameGT - good cold scaling 6.7 validation.

L418C222 - no document but assumed cold scaling

L418C223 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.35v 4c/8t - LoudSilence - good cold scaling! 6.3ghz 32m at 1.7v. This gives hope for 6.5ghz with a 1.25v chip

L418C230 - 5ghz 1.35v boot win7 4c/4t - slamms - okay scaling 6.2ghz at -115 (bad cb)


L419B533 - 5.0ghz 32m 1.272v 4c/4t - SniperOZ - cold scaling! -130 6.4ghz 1.93v. not the best scaling but not bad! it likes volts


L419B540 - 4.7ghz 32m 1.23v 4/c8t - stasio










Pentium K:


External Lists

- Modlabs.net: http://www.modlabs.net/forum/topic/13991/page__st__4540 (XLXS - thanks Sebro!)

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Im getting 3 retails, i got the first today, batch is:

L329C241, aka its from last year! aka a little under a year old... weird. I go to the same MC for the other two, just gotta wait till tomorrow for their 1 per household crap. I bet all 3 will be same batch, so ill post results for all.

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  • Crew
I have found a few litres of LN2 in a dewar from my last bench weekend it is from the Easter holidays

I will test it tonight


what is the best way to test vid


load defaults on motherboard, go into bios and see the stock volt the cpu is getting, hardware monitor or where you type in volts

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vid 1,38


1.358V......as CPU-Z display VID voltage (not Vcore).


Older BIOS's (Z87 & Z97) has issue with high stock voltage,

SOC Force are fixed in latest F6 or F7a BIOS.



Should be arround ~1.20V (+/- 10%)

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  • Crew
Vid with 7a is 1.88V




vid "should" be around 1.18 for your chip.


@flanker, south africa bro! none of this devils canyon nonsense until August :P.


i have bought 3 x L310B490 on german ebay that are coming, alot better chance

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