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Devils Canyon and Pentium K Batch numbers!


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That was good only for a validation, it crashed shortly after. I got 6.4g validation with 1.65v, but still not even stable to run 32m at 6.1ghz with any amount of cores.


Thanks. So it'll be harder to find good Devil Canyon because rule that claim good on air CPU probably good under LN2 doesn't work in this case.

P.S. As for me, good for validation chip it is 7GHz and more.

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Testing on air now.


So far 32M stabile 4.9 Ghz 1.25 volt


4 core 8 threads.


You're so patient ) I always try to boot at 5GHz at least at 1.35V but it doesn't make me happy anyway. Vcore less than 1.3V for 5GHz sounds much better :banana:

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hehe,things are looking nice :),actually what is bad for you is good for others.

Imagine the overflow of good chips on the market,5-5.2 ghz will be on everybody's hands because most of them don;t scale on ln2.

Bad for extreme oc.....good for enthusiast :D.

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