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Devils Canyon and Pentium K Batch numbers!


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  • Crew

Same 3418C011 batch here,


CB15 4500MHz at 1.17Vcore, so pretty great daily CPU, on air goes up to 4700MHz 1.33Vcore... 4800MHz doesn't post at all, not even with 1.5Vcore lol...

CB15 5800MHz at 1.7Vcore at -80°C


hard walls at 5960MHz, temps, volts doesn't matter, that's it...


So how do we bin these buggers, just see which CPU goes up over +4.9 into windows... the ES does 4.9 1.36 and goes up to 6.1Ghz and then also walls hard...

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4790k batch L331C518 complete bunnyextraction

does wprime 1024m 4.7ghz@1.2v on water after no matter what voltage just freezes after getting errors on bench thread.

i was very confident seeing low voltages going to 4.7 ghz but then.....

never say victory before achieving the goal.

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@suzuki Around 90k, no optimizations, no vga oc at 4,5ghz with 9800GTX+

Thanks dude,maybe someone will have time to make a test with all 3 cpu's to see what differences are between dual -i5-i7 cpu's in 2001-2003-2005. It will be an interesting study.

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It seems that these Pentium G3258 have the same batch all over Europe.


3418C008 up to C013 here in Athens.


Pentium 3419B303 here, both me and team mate The Mutt. Have no high hopes, but let's give it a shot :) another chip next weeek, bet it's same batch (though different store). We're both testing on asus z87.

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  • Crew

Very nice loud!!!


Excellent result. Gives us some hope. Im curious, can that cinebench above 6? I wanna know how good full core is compared to 2d on devils


Ps. Ill update thread whrn im back from eurotrip!

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