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Dram Timming question on MSI Mpower Z97 Bios

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Hi all i need your help to understand this setting in my bios MSI Z97 mpower max


can you tell me how does it work the setting IO compensation and RTL Init value, if i play with this setting i can go with a crazy timming on RTL and IO timming on HCH9 and i can close a superpi32m with this timming too.

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Pepinorang posted how to on his facebook page.


HOW TO run 2800 C9 1T with Samsung memory on MSI Z97 OC :

1. Load Memory Preset "Samsung 2x4GB 2800 1.85v"

2. Change timings as below screenshot and boot once

3. After successful boot, change Command Rate to 1T and tCL to 9



P.S: Adjust vDIMM according to your kit.

Generally DIMM 1 & 3 is best but some kits don't like it.



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My understanding of it is that;


IO Comp is like a 'skew' of tIOL .. like additive latency. Lowering IO Comp, may eventually result in having to loosen tIOL.


*try to compare bandwidth/latency against:


IO Comp @ 21/22, tIOL @ 1




IO Comp @ 15/16, tIOL @ 3

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After some more testing.. I see different results than anticipated.


Raising IO comp is choking latency

Lowering IO comp is allowing lower latency


Raising RTL Init is choking memory bandwidth at current RTL setting

Lowering RTL Init is boosting memory bandwidth at current RTL setting

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