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The official MSI MOA 2014 Class A AM Qualifier thread.


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BY the way.. here are my 2 cents... This is a COMPETITION with rule from ORGANISER and it OFFER FREE tripp to do what we all like.


We could discuss and complain as much as we want on rules... we don`t make them, once you participate you agree and have to comply with it.


There is actually a lot of discussions that could be triggered from this... the way to run online comp, the way to get official comp qualifier etc. In the end... If there is 50 out of the 100 top hockey players in a league, there is still only 1 team that can go to a WW event based on country. You will never have canada vs Canada in WW Hokcey games basedon country and that is the goal : compare / compete countries.


anyway :D stop talking and keep benching !


NB : this post was sponsored by the TrollMaster 101 - Your trolling level just got higher !

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Its not troll the reason Trouffman.

I believe this discussion raising because people try to justify some choice... about the MOA winner (Gunslinger) not be able to go.

If he has valid scores to that competition I believe this discussion was never started.

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I would like to see what thinks the Class B guys...


I think that only 3 tickets is too less, I can say tahnks to MSI for offer the possibility that give us for travel to the final if you win, but I also think that only 3 tickets compared with the class A isn't good motivation.


In my case I bought all the hardware for class B because for class A was too much money but even that, I know that I will not go to the final. Why? Because the only 3 existent tickets are already taken.


Btw it's nice to see Nacho on this, hope that he can go with a Brazil guy...

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This data is AMAZING.... I knew that Europe has the most results/clockers but I would have never imagined such a small percent for Asia... :|


Pieter-can you show evolution per continent and country in the last 10 years?


Bear in mind, the XTU effect. Language is an issue too, especially for non-English regions. Here's historical including and excluding XTU. Note: not registrations, but active users (data pulled from the result table).





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So xtu isreally pkpular in north america according to this graph oO


Yup, mainly (but not solely) engages US overclockers.


Holy smokes XTU really made a difference.... I didn't follow the penomenom -how did it become so popular?


Overview of the Intel XTU Integration Project by HWBOT - Page 9/15 is beginning of the numbers :).


In essence: simplicity, but mainly engages rookies and newbies. Not the hardcore overclockers.

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As for the MOA Grand Final tickets, the rules are very clear. After disqualifying Gunslingers' 3DMark03 (lack of verification link), the qualified overclockers are:

  • Rbuass from Brazil
  • Mikecdm for USA (Western Division)
  • Nacho_arroyo for Argentina
  • Gunslinger for USA (Eastern Division)

I think we can take the feedback to next year's MOA. Maybe regional qualifiers make less sense now that everything's online anyway?

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