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mempot,MFR CFR PSC ddr3, mob


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I am looking for some MFR or CFR or PSC that will actually achieve some good times... and push some IMCs


ASAPI would like some stuff to pass 4000mhz with 4790k and LN2 of courseASAP


Also, some really low cas stuff. Around 2500mhz for my 3930k. Maybe 2600mhz if I get lucky with ln2.. it does 2530mhz on air has been my best with it, but I don't know if I can improve that when i ln2 it



and a 2011 board to bench sb-e withfound


I need a mem pot as well. No real preference on who made it.



I could probably use a k-probe sensor and unit as well

I am located in the USA. paypal, amazon payments, are preferred but I am flexible

tatmmrkiv on OCN for some trader rating



PREFERABLY I'd like to keep ram under 200 usd per binned kit or as close to 200 as possible. Mobos I don't want to spend much on x79 board as its only for SB-e and I am going to ln2 it unless its nicer than my daily rive(has sound)but even then 250 is probably my max, , mempot close to 50 as possible spare foor x79, will do few hundred plus for an ECC ,


ALL quotes in USD, please.. no crazy euros.. I am not made of money

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