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MSI 290X Lightning with Epower Rail mod


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Hi fellas!


After my last session, my usual rail mod took the resistor with it...second expensive death!

But thanks to der8auer, the card is alive again...

RMA is not possible, so I decided to epower the rail!


Now I can still not RMA....but sell it!


Anyone that wants a nice 1610 MHz card....here it is!


dsc_0578ekebe.jpg dsc_0579cvi5u.jpg


I tried the card with the mod on cold and it worked...1600/1700 just a quick test...


This card is almost not possible to use it on air!!!


So buyers please be aware, that this card is for gpu only watercooling but at least for LN2!


There are not much 1600 cards out there...so price is 999.-€

Shipped in EU overseas buyers please ask for a shipping quote ;)



And here almost one of the best 6 cores around...

32mksja8.jpg 77.468tnkbn.jpg screen020bqk3e.jpg




shipping additionally

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On air 1740...on cold 1720@-120 1710@-140 1700@fulpot

maybe someone can replace it...but not me...if - then it is a nice moa card again...

for me, all my best hw died!

4770k gem, xpower, lightning

I know hope for my backups and that my scores are good enough with my 4670k on mpowermax. ..

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Well I tried to replace the resistor but the soldering pad of the resistor is also burned and no way to solder something to that spot anymore. It could be possible to replace but only if you have a datasheet from MSI which shows which traces go to which spot.

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