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Are we allowed to use LN2 on RAM ?


I intended for this to be a completely LN2 free competition but since it wasn't in the rules and someone already posted an LN2 RAM score I'm not sure if it would be fair for me to ban LN2 now. I wanted this competition to be accessible even to people who don't have access to LN2 so no LN2 is not allowed on anything. I hope I'm not screwing to many people over but no LN2 on RAM or anything else.

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Because AMD drivers allow you to over ride tesselation and driver tweaking is allowed according to the HWbot rules so most AMD uses disable tessellation.

Live and learn how you to get higher scores brah :)!

The PCMARK05 will put you over, but it's not a system vs...fresh install of software.

Massman, remember when people where asking how-to-PcMark04?


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From 6 Semprons this seems to be the best.


AMD SuperPi is sooo fun :D, but is far toooo long!


I don't know why, after I changed the CPU, the Maxmem changed to 2048mb.

Time for Copy Wazza and other Tweaks.

Your scores are legit but 1.7v on a non-extreme cooling effort don't seem right brah;)

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