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Dinos22 - Pentium G3258 @ 5100MHz - 5min 57sec 719ms SuperPi - 32M

Guest Bullant

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Hey Dinos, I give you a penny for a screen of youre memory subtimings on that run, its Samsung IC ?


Good job (as always xD)






Dear John,


Here it is :D


these timings tend to work with most of the samsung ICs i test. You just have to have enough vdimm and also play with VTT and other volts a little to see what works. Try auto values first other than vdimm and vtt which should really be set to at least 2.1+ and 1.1+


later you can fine tune more. this bios isn't good for tuning ram and it doesnt allow to set RTL manually so better off using a bios that will allow manual adjustment in RTL/IOL and more voltage



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Guess i owe you a penny Dinos, thanks alot .

I have 4 sets of sammy (Gskill ), havent played with higher vdim than 1.85, guess i have to give em moaar.

I had trouble setting subs for my sammys, they are kinda new to me, last time i did memory overclocking was back in 2008-2009, did play sucessfully with Crucial PC5300 Anniversary (awesome DDR2 ram) overclocked like crazy,handled vdimm like a boss, good ol`days


All this new ram, its like back to school again,its exciting





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