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Max ? Ocer or MSI Marketing ?


Do you know Max  

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From what I asked around, he's just an actor. Probably just like everybody else in the x99 series advertising.

From the marketing standpoint, this is understandable, although IMHO since extreme oc is a bit of a niche market, I would prefer a real overclocker doing the ads, it's a little bit more 'credible' than just hiring an actor out of nowhere :)

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lol fester that video was just wrong.

its like 80s/90s soft drink marketing or something. but with a goddamn motherboard..




max is an extreme OCer about as much as Liya is a pro gamer


note total lack of WASD and just smashing keys like a spaz.

dunno about "Ian the movie producer". he is wearing a beret.



gotta admit, Max does have a hell of a voice on him.

hes my new extreme OCing rookie hero



edit: will add on a serious note that this is pretty dumb, trying to show off OCing with a paid actor, just comes off poorly for everyone involved.

except for that voice...

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Funny video for those who gat the eyes on details :D MaxOCer you're a noob lol


Seriously, it's somehow a troll invitation or a bad joke from MSI marketing staff disrespecting extreme overclockers to my pov...


Where are your scores bro? Im getting paid to pretend, what do you get?

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