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cbjaust - Athlon XP 2500 Barton @ 2555.3MHz - 2555.31 mhz CPU Frequency


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Yeah it was a while ago now! There weren't and volt mods - I can't remember if vcore is available in the BIOS after pressing Ctrl-F1 (I think) to get all of the meagre options that Gigabyte BIOS's gave at the time but I know I pin modded the socket for the CPU multiplier. Hope that helps. I still have the board but I don't think I have the Barton XP anymore. I still have a Barton XP-M and a couple of Thoroughbreb B CPUs though.

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Thanks for the reply!

I'm getting one of these motherboards from a mate and he isn't sure if it supports vcore in bios.


I tried finding an 8RDA+ or NF7-s but they all seem to be crazy priced with bad caps.

Just wanting a Win98 system


I gave it another run and there is no vCore control in the BIOS so I definitely have the socket pin-modded for vCore and CPU multiplier. Ctrl-F1 is definitely what you need to do to see all of the BIOS options. Settings for memory dividers, memory timings, FSB frequency are all there. Unfortunately there is no vDRAM available so that would need to be hard modded if you need more voltage for RAM.


Good Luck

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