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Hi all,

i've got few questions, cose i am total noob for oc and stuff... I have following :


sabertooth x79 (bios 4608)

4x4 quad kingston beast 2400mhz

water cooling : cm nepton 140xl

seasonic 1000w plat

devil13 7990 hd

intel 730 ssd 480gb

thermaltake v71 with 4 fans inside for good flow inside


I've tried to set XMP profile 1 in bios , than xmp profile2, and bios automaticly clock memory to 2.4ghz and turn on turbo clock on processor and clock to 4ghz . And that was not stable, i've got overclocking failed msg 1/3x after bios load up , than i've got some problems during stress test / bsod showed up / couldnt pass test's etc.


Now, i just turned on Performance mode in bios, and look like bios clocked this very well this time, turned on memory to 2.333mhz , and processor on 4.12ghz .


I would like to ask is this temperature good / reliable for stable work :


i really need high speed memory for my work cose i am using it a lot !


i have tested this with intelstress test and it worked for 5minutes and everything was fine/pass test also with picalculation all was ok.

But temperture was max 80on full load , and on avg. was 65-70 during full load. During my work i am not use full load i am using load on picture above.


I just did XTU bench and i got 1249 mark and highest tepm 78c.


It also throtelling from 1.304v to 1.296v, and 4.124mhz to 4123, but i guess thats nothing


Hope to hear from you all soon



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  • Crew

Is the radiator of the Nepton 140 getting warm ? Is the pump running full speed ? Honestly not a fan of these 140 AIOs for hexacore crunchers.


Plz provide us:


-with a BIOS screen of the memory settings when you loaded the XMP profile (all the timings) via plugging in a USB stick and press F12. It will take a screenshot of the open Bios page

-All the voltages of CPU set in the BIOS



Things you can do:


-remount the cooler ( also allows you to check if the tim print was good )

-manually lower the CPU Vcore, SA voltages ( AUTO profiles usually tend to pump way too much voltages ) than what is required


Your CPU is not throttling if it lowers one mhz or slightly lower the Vcore...

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Hey man,

ty for reply . I think i found solution in order to work stable, but still clocked. What i did, enabled turbo boost so my cpu is now on 4ghz , enabled xmp1 in advanced settings works on 2.400mhz, i passed win exp. index. Also, made pump run at full speed while cpu is at 40c and on full speed when cpu reach 55c. Before in bios was seted up pump to work full when cpu reach 20c and 75, in both case is nonsense. Cose my cpu is never on 20c and only on full load is on 75. Now i've got 35c on idle /60-65c full load , and look like system works really nice / smooth . Voltage is 1.2 on full load and 0.8-1on idle . I am happy now works good, will test more when i have time .

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